Saturday, December 29, 2007

Let It Snow, Man!

I made a little snowman
He had a cheery smile

I dressed him in a hat and scarf
then went inside a while

A storm came up, the wind was fierce
My snowman was so chilly!

He said he'd love to come inside
but wouldn't that be silly?

I told him he was made of snow
and though he felt befuddled,

If I agreed and brought him in
he'd turn into a puddle!

Poem found on the internets, author unknown.


We hope you're having a happy holiday season!
Love, Knit Knack and the Drunken Monkey

p.s. I hope he's wearing his long underwear under there!!!


Bogie said...

Brilliant! I love Sheldon the Snowman.

JenBut said...

So cute - the top hat really makes the outfit! :)

Mandy said...

He's adorable!

Karen said...

He is so cute in his snowman garb. Happy New Year!!

KelInCal said...

Knit Knack looks so cute in his little winter shell and mittens!