Monday, June 13, 2011

MacGyver Missed His Calling

MacGyver made his first appearance on my blog in October, 2005. I really think he missed out on an entire genre of action/problem-solving-with-household-items by never learning to knit. I really wish I had documented all of the things I've fixed, altered, defused, stirred, eaten, and poked with knitting needles and other assorted knitting notions since I first started to knit in 2002. Nevertheless, tonight's feat will not go unpublished.

Let this post also serve as an open letter to the idiots in my apartment building. First, DO NOT put Canadian coins into the washing machine slots. Second, if you DO happen to mistakenly put Canadian coins into the washing machine slots, please call someone to fix it so that the next person who comes along will be able to clean clothes, too. Third, thanks for the other quarters.

Please note the bent red US0 dpn, the offending "quarter", and the ever-helpful attempt by a previous genius to keep this problem from happening in the first place. Don't worry, the red US0 dpn was bent before its MacGyver-ish accomplishment tonight. I bent it while making Shorty... SHARK!!'s little brother.

Shorty was made with Cascade Heritage sock yarn and size 0 double pointed needles. I heart him. Both Shorty and SHARK!! live with my mom. She says they get along fabulously with the octo-kids.