Friday, July 28, 2006


Dear Brenda,

Please tell me you watched the new show on the Sci Fi Channel:
"Who Wants To Be a Superhero?" You had to be watching... I could almost hear you cackling along with me.

At first I thought that some of the gentlemen contestants on the show were nice to look at. Then I realized their purpose in being there, and I remembered how incredibly nerdy they must all be. Shortly after, I realized how serious everyone was actually taking this whole idea. So I stopped appreciating the view and just continued the cackling.

Come on... Monkey Woman has bananas in her belt! You, of course, could be her if you didn't have a supermonkeybun in your supermonkeyoven. You'd be way better at being her, though, even though she made my night by changing into her superhero costume while in a tree.

Stan Lee cracks me right the heck up. Why is he telecommuting all the time? He must be afraid he might anger one of the super heroes to the point where he's concerned for his physical safety. I also can't tell if he's taking this seriously or if he's just yanking all of the hopefuls on their curiously cracked chains.

Fat Momma's objective is surely appreciated. She may want to use something other than donuts to supply her superpowers, however, as the ones she had wouldn't stay attached to her belt as she ran to complete her task.

Major Victory is definitely one of my favorites, even though he qualifies more as a "weiner" than a "winner". Feedback could be a favorite, too, if he gets his act together.

This show is definitely going to be a top one for me this summer, if for no other reason than to give me an excuse to cackle for an hour every Thursday night. I'm eager to see what other tasks these crazies are forced to do. Please tell me you've been watching... if you haven't, you must start next Thursday!


a.k.a. Drunken Monkey

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Flat Out

Y'all are the greatest. Thanks for letting me know you're still around. Sometimes I think I had more time to post when I was working full time. More structure to the day, I suppose.

I've had two phone interviews in as many days, and I have a real face-to-face interview Wednesday morning with one of those companies, and another real face-to-face interview next Wednesday with the other. Thanks for all the well-wishes; I'm just hoping that one of these will work out. I'm already growing weary of filling out online applications with information that's already on my resume.

Remember the in-front-of-the-door fiasco I was having with my cats? I had ripped up the carpet, then ripped up the padding and put down two rubber mats. After the second time of scrubbing the rubber mats, I decided I'd wait to put them back down until something happened on the bare concrete floor. Well, that's been a little over a week, and the bare concrete floor has been untouched. Bare concrete floor it is, then.

The knitting is progressing. I'm still working on all of the things I was working on before, and some of them have a little more progress than before. I at least haven't started anything new lately besides the entrelac bag for the class.

Well, I'm off to iron (gasp!) clothes for the interview tomorrow. As my mom said earlier today, I only get one chance to make a first impression. Impression. Get it?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

To Post, Or Not To Post

I've been suffering from posting anxiety lately. I feel like I should post so I don't lose any more readers, and yet I feel like I shouldn't post without pictures, but I don't currently have an easy way to upload pictures from my digital camera. I could take my camera to Meijer, get a CD made, then take the CD to the library, but that's just an awful lot of effort for someone trying to save pennies. So I guess you'll just have to wait for photos. I don't feel any less guilty for not having them, though.

To answer a couple questions:
Kniterella: The yarn for Calvin's sweater is a 100% cotton that I used to be able to get at Walmart and Meijer. It's pretty much a kitchen cotton for babies. However, they stopped making it as far as I can tell. I forgot to look for the one ball I have left to find the exact name, but I haven't been able to find it for at least a year or more. Sadness, I know.

Joy: Of course I do cables. In fact, cables and lace are two of my most favorite techniques in knitting. I should combine them. Cablace. Laceble.

I have been knitting. I've turned the heel on the second Trekking sock and am still going strong. I'm more than halfway down the cuff of the first sock of a second pair. I started my new entrelac bag Saturday during my class (where I had 7 participants!). I've made significant progress on a certain little person's birthday sweater. I've even started a new sock that I'm attempting to design.

I have been reading. I found a new series about
Repairman Jack that is exceptional. I've read at least half a dozen of the books already, and am on the constant lookout for any I've missed. I also have a couple other books scattered throughout the apartment that I pick up now and then. I'm halfway through the Chronicles of Narnia that Joy got for me for my birthday. I think I'm in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I'm also reading one I got at a thrift store called The Gorillas of Gull Park, or something. Weird. I even went to Borders and read the first seven chapters of a book I want to read but can't afford to buy. My mom should be so proud!

I got a package! It's from
Leone, one of my contest winners. She sent me a ball of Regia sock yarn in really pretty rainbow colors and a book called Monkey Island. I can't wait to use the yarn and I also can't wait to read the book. I mean, it has "monkey" in the title! It's gotta be good. Thank you, Leone... you really made my Saturday!

I've been job searching. I've gotten three calls and have two phone interviews scheduled. This makes me very happy, as it can get a little frustrating when I don't hear anything after sending out billions and trillions of resumes. I'll keep you updated, I'm really hoping for something soon, especially since my former employer is diligently fighting my application for unemployment.

I've also been wandering. I try not to wander too far since gas prices are so crazy, but sometimes I just have to get out of the house. The library is starting to feel a bit like home, too, these days. I'm even attempting to go to different libraries to mix it up a bit. It's a crazy life. Oh yes.

Monday, July 10, 2006

What's New?

I know I still have two more contest entries to post, but I'm going to put those off just a little bit longer. I still have to find a prize for one of them, and I want to wait until the other gets her prize before I post it for all to see.

I've been at my mom's house for the majority of the past two weeks, minus a few days in the middle to check on the not-quite-feral-yet cats. The first week (the last week of June) was pretty busy because my brother and his family were there.

Calvin liked his birthday sweater, despite the fact that it was only June, and his birthday isn't until November. See, the kid is 7 months old and is wearing 12-18 month sizes. I made this sweater a few years ago, way before we even knew there'd be a Calvin. I wanted him to try the sweater now to make sure he'd be able to wear it for at least a week or so. Actually, length-wise it should fit him just fine come his birthday. Width-wise, well... cross your fingers. (Sorry for the head-tilting thing... the library won't let me rotate the picture.)

(There are already plans in place for a definitely-fitting birthday sweater for Calvin come November. More info on that later. Like, in November.)

Maggie enjoyed the cupcakes (from One Skein) that I made for she and Grandma to enjoy at their tea parties. Maggie even helped to 'tuff the 'trawberry one, since I made that one while I was in Wooster. She did say that they weren't easy to see through, and Calvin mentioned that the green one did not taste particularly good. I guess they'll just have to be 'tend cupcakes after all.

There has been other knitting. I'm working on a pair of Trekking socks (yes, I said pair... the first one is DONE and the second one is almost halfway through the cuff!) for a friend. Maggie's birthday sweater A special project is well underway and due for completion sometime before mid-to-late August. This coming Saturday I have sock club in the morning and a class for the entrelac bag in the afternoon. This means, of course, that I get to start my new entrelac bag soon. Mom helped me wind the yarn this past week and it's ready to go. I'll try to show you the colors, soon.

In non-knitting news, I've been job searching, reading, emailing, "helping" Mom redecorate, and hoping for some meet-ups with friends soon. I even pulled out an X-Box game this morning for the first time in months. I suppose I should be thankful for the time off, but it's just too stressful when I don't have a job. I realized within the past couple of days or so that it's always summertime when I'm looking for a job. What's up with that?