Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More Tractor Knack

After Tractor Knack (TK) played around on the tractors for a while, we visited some of the animal barns and sat for a while watching the kiddie tractor pulls. TK looked on with intense interest, hoping that maybe next year he'll be able to compete. Nice pull!

We walked through the barns and talked to some of the sheep. TK wanted to know why he didn't
look like those sheep anymore!

TK enjoyed the flora as well as the fauna, and paused to pose with some matching flowers in a moment of pensiveness.

We all met a giant corn husk goat with ears of corn. Get it? Ears of corn? TK didn't think it was all that funny, either. But he enjoyed the ride.

We found some more flowers in the Home Ec building.

Before heading out, we rounded up some good fair food. It took a while to tear TK away from those caramel apples. They look so good, don't they?

On the way out, TK watched longingly as the Merry-Go-Round went merrily around, but we were running out of time and he didn't get a chance to ride.

The good news is, Tractor Knack was so popular at the fair, that afterwards he was offered a contract with the circus. Sweet!


~Tonia~ said...

LOL Looks like TK had a full day for sure. You need to make him a sheep outfit. ;)

Kimmie said...

OH MY LORD. I don't even have words for Tractor Knack. I called Randy in here to bask in his wonderful glow. The hat is too much. What made you decide on the tractor theme?