Thursday, July 12, 2007


It seems in my eagerness to release the crankiness yesterday I neglected to mention a few important bits. Thank you so much for the kind comments, though. They were much appreciated and definitely helped to ease the crankies.

Most importantly, I WANT to complete the 18 projects I talked about yesterday. I WANT my niece and nephew to get birthday sweaters every year. I WANT to acknowledge other important people in my life by giving them handmade sweaters for their little ones. I'm aware that toddlers and newborns won't know the difference, but I don't know the toddlers and newborns as well as I know their parents, and I truly feel that although the item might fit the child, it's a gift of love for the parents as well.

I came up with the sock challenge as a way to inspire myself to finish pairs of socks and get out of the single sock rut. Nobody held a gun to my head, I really think it's good for me, and I'm enjoying it so far. Having recipients other than myself to make the socks for is great, too, because I tend to complete projects for others before I finish projects for myself.

As for the turtle, do you ever get the feeling that you've committed yourself to something for potentially the rest of your life? (Just wait until you see the outfit the turtle got for Mom's birthday*. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!!)

All that to say this: no one is forcing me to do any of these projects. I'm the one who put too much yarn on my plate and am now realizing my eyes were bigger than my knitting needles. That doesn't mean I'm not going to work my pirate booty off trying to finish all of these projects on time!

One more tiny little point... NONE of the projects I talked about yesterday are for Christmas presents. Methinks there will be no Christmas knitting this year. By December I may need a knitting sabbatical. (Or at least I'll finally be able to cast on for my
Alpine Lace Shawl!)


I also promised you big news yesterday, so here it is: This weekend I'm taking a road trip to see my
Brenda! She and Katherine are spending some time with her folks in Michigan, which is a LOT closer to me than Wyoming! So we're going to go out for Indian food, see Transformers, and spend a lot of time knitting together! I. Can. Not. Wait. I'm sure I'll have some great pictures and stories to share next week!



p.b. Go see what KelInCal has done with the Sheldon pattern. Hysterical!

*p.p.b. My mom just sent these photos of Knit Knack in his beach bum outfit:


Joy said...

I. LOVE. THE. BEACH. BUM. OUTFIT! that is the cutest thing EVER!

Give Brenda and Katherine a big hug for me! I'm so jealous!

Annabelle said...

Another masterpiece with Knit "Hasselhoff" Knack! I got that Baywatch theme song stuck in my head! LOL So cute

KelInCal said...

Omigosh! Does Knit Knack have on shorts?? That is too cute!

You know, if you keep making him these cute little outfits, there won't be a person you know who won't be asking for one!

MollyBeees said...

Ohmigosh! That Turtle is soooo cute! I have got to try and make one!

Chris Salley said...

I'm so jealous of your turtle magic!!!! I need some bloging do you create a link to a word if i type your name in my blog and i want it to link to do you do that? please help.

Di said...

I love his sunglasses!! Amazing!!

Rachel said...

I hope you made him some knitted sunscreen!


Anonymous said...