Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A Toy Turtle And His Tam

There once was a turtle named Knit Knack,
With a number of shells on his coat rack.
He came from the lochs
With a bunch of shamrocks
On the St. Patty's Day shell on his back.

A turtle who's prone to much banter
Demanded his own tam o'shanter.
He wanted it plaid,
But that is too bad.
It's just green like the fern in his planter.


~Tonia~ said...

OMG he is too freaking cute in his new shell and tam. What a little ham he is. =)

Eibhlin said...

I just love this turtle, even more in green.
Fair play to ya!

(BTW, tychus is becoming a huge success in France!)

elocin said...

And now he has his very own poem;-)
I love it.

MollyBeees said...

Too cute! And the poem is very clever too!

grins said...

How clever ... and adorable! How did you come up with such a cute idea for a costume? That turtle is way too sweet. Whoever owns him is so blessed! The owner must have singled out as the person you love best in the whole wide world! How lucky!!!

Just like your other readers who can't wait to see your blog and what you will come up with next, I am so curious and eager to see Knit-Knack's Easter outfit! Ooooo boy! That's going to be a real winner! Will it be a bunny costume with ears? Will he have egg-shells all over his back? What about a bonnet for the Easter parade? My, oh, my ... I am on pins and noodles! What about you, DMK fans?

Joy said...

I personally think he should wear mourning black this coming week in honor of having to "spring" forward 3 stinking weeks early! Why on earth don't we just permanently turn our clocks 1 hour ahead and end this madness!?!?

Oh. Sorry. Didn't mean to vent on your blog.

Love the shell and the tam!!!

Sherry said...

I love your turtle!!

Brenda said...

Precious! If you suggested trading Katherine for Knit Knack, I'd consider it.

I wouldn't do it.

But I'd consider it.