Tuesday, May 2, 2006


You may notice that this post is happening later than usual (5:50EST as I start). This was a strategic tactic to show off the new high speed internet that I have at home as of this afternoon. I upgraded to a cable modem, digital cable, and (eventually) digital phone. My mom is doing the same, but apparently Time Warner isn't as busy (or has more employees) than Clear Picture, since she made her appointment before I did and isn't getting hooked up until next week. I'm enjoying it for you until then, Mom.

Chaka took great interest in the cable guys (who came separately from the Road Runner guy). I would have taken a picture to show you, but I didn't want to freak out the nice cable dudes.

Also somewhat related, my new work laptop has one of those nifty little slots on the side of it where you can put your camera memory card to get your pictures on the computer wicked fast. I never would have noticed this if I wasn't so enamored of the same sorts of slots on the front of Mom's new computer. (Picture courtesy of the flower beds in front of my parents' house. Anybody know what kind of flower this is?)


Anthony and I went out to a Chinese Buffet on Sunday for lunch. He came back with some angel hair pasta on his plate along with his choice of Chinese delights. That morning I had shown him some of the yarn I brought back from Wooster, so when he lifted his fork with some angel hair on it, he looked up at me and said, "Laceweight?" Hehe.

(I think angel hair might actually be closer to sock yarn. It's a close call.)


Saturday, I drove with Joy and Kimmie to go see the Yarn Harlot in Lexington, KY.

To get the story from our perspective,
go read Joy's post about the occasion.

To get the story from the Yarn Harlot's perspective,
go read her post about it. (You'll have to scroll down through the Nashville part of the story.)

There are a couple of notable things that I feel I must add to those two recollections.

* The Yarn Harlot recognized me. I asked a question at the _very_ end of her talk, and the first thing she said was, "It's good to see you again!" She almost remembered my name and did remember it started with a B. I was also reprimanded for not finishing the mittens I showed off last year.
Click here for her post from April 28, 2005.

* There was a T-rex and a baby t-rex made out of random metal things in the bottom of the Lexington Center. This is significant.

* I am a selfish and ridiculous girl. Joy and Kimmie were so generous to come with me and hang out and have a great time with me, and I failed to introduce them to the Harlot. I am SO sorry, ladies. Thanks so much for loving me anyway!!

* The Yarn Harlot told a story about a young man mistaking her words "Fiber Arts Conference" for a "MacGyver Arts Conference". She said they were both disappointed. This was intensely funny to me, as I would be the first to sign up for a MacGyver Arts conference. If anyone hears of this phenomenon taking place, please let me know immediately.

* When I told the Yarn Harlot that I'd had two patterns published on Knitty, she looked up from signing my books and said, "Oh, you're THAT Brooke." Not only that, but she clearly knew which two they are, since she posted links to them on her blog today.

* I feel special.


(My mom didn't particularly like the memory I shared about my Dad in the last post. She hates it when people undermine her authority. Remind me to tell you about the Nestle Crunch bars some time.)

My dad had some interesting rules which were caused by some interesting irritants. Once he took my brother and I to the Football Hall of Fame in Akron, OH. We were watching a movie of sorts in a big room, and all of the chairs in one row were connected to each other. He nearly lost it because some kid down the row kept kicking the chairs, and he could feel it. He didn't want anyone to kick or touch his seat while in the car, either.

The other thing I remember about being in the car with my dad was a time long, long ago when my legs were still short enough that my feet could go up on the dashboard. He told me once that if I ever... EVER put my feet up on the dashboard again, he'd cut them off. I believed him. My punishment is that now my legs are too long to even consider it.


skh said...

I remember the story. I don't remember the Football Hall of Fame being in Akron.

Joy said...

Tell us the Nestle Crunch bar story sometime. :)

hee hee.

I had fun watching you have such a great time and get all excited about hanging out with the Yarn Harlot. We all can't be as talented and creative and noteworthy as you! :)

Joy said...

Oh yeah - I forgot to guess about the flower. I think it's an exotic kind of tulip. am i right? am i right? what do i win?

Karen said...

The flower is a Tulip!! Our dads would have gotten along famously. My dad had a thing about knees and feet at/on the table though. You're so lucky to have met the Harlot twice,she is sooo funny.

Zabet said...

Thank goodness you're not a drunken monkey robot ninja, because that'd just be dangerous!

It was great to meet you at the Harlot's shindig (or was it a hoot'nanny? I can never tell the difference). If you ever put that great lace-sweater-making mind towards some skulls or spiders, let me know!

Kimmy said...

Serioulsy - I don't mind that you didn't introduce us. It was your moment with your idol and we are cool with that! You are the best!

Janette said...

I love the stories about your dad. Please keep posting them. I'll have to live vicariously through your Harlot encounters since it doesn't seem like she's ever coming to my area!

Brenda said...

Of course Stephanie remembered you! You are unforgettable.

The T-Rex is very cool and very well may have been a part of the MacGyver Arts Conference. You never know.

Brenda said...

Wow! You put in quite an appearance in the Yarn Harlot's post.

And I saw the baby socks . . .