Monday, September 11, 2006

FOs and Fair Findings

Be honest. How many of you didn't think I'd actually finish that felted striped tote? Go ahead. Raise your hand. I know there isn't always a lot of faith in me to finish projects. However, this was one thing I just couldn't put down. I finished it last week and this past Friday evening I felted it at my mom's house.

All the naysayers were right, the Noro (striped part) felted slower than the Lamb's Pride (solid black and solid red), and the felted Noro is sort of flimsy, but I think it will work out just fine since the heavier fabric makes up the bottom and will help to strengthen the top and handles. The Noro is SO much softer after it's been felted. I think it turned out great.

Lest I disappoint you, though, I did start two other projects before finishing the bag.

I started a pair of Fetching fingerless gloves and actually finished the left one. I'm using Rowan Calmer in the coffee shade, and I had to make a few alterations in order to fit my big paw. It's not quite a perfect fit, but I like it anyway and I'll make the right to match.

The other project I started is another
Shedir, another Knitty pattern. Click the link to see the first one I made this past Spring. The new one is in black, and I've just gotten to the first cable row. Not really enough to take a picture of yet.

I was in Wooster again this weekend for the
Wayne County Fair, which boasts itself as the largest junior fair in Ohio. I know it's the best one I've been to in the state. The most important feature, of course, is Pat's Italian Sausage Sandwiches, and a close second is the fried cheese-on-a-stick booth. I found some other goodies this year, too.

I found an alpaca booth! How cool is that? LongHedges Estate established itself in Wayne County about six months ago, and had some really great items in their booth. I was tempted to take home some gorgeous alpaca yarn, but somehow avoided the urge. I did get a cool brochure and a pen! Wooooo!

I also found a young lady (maybe 16 or 17) knitting dishcloths in one of the industrial buildings. She was selling her dishcloths for $2 a piece and she got to keep the profit. I couldn't deny supporting a dishcloth knitter, especially one who would knit at the fair, so both my aunt and I picked out our favorites. This is mine.

I found a cute sleeping piggy with his tongue sticking out. Aww.

I found some cute Jacob Sheep that wouldn't look at me. I think they may have been talking about me.

I found some gorgeous sunflowers that almost looked like a negative image. I couldn't believe what a deep rich color they were.

I found a lap-size log cabin quilt made with what seemed to be neck-tie fabrics. How cool! I wish I could have gotten a better picture of it but it was too far away.

Lastly, I found a really cute monkey hand puppet for only $4. Aww! She's so cute. Hey! Who's that up in the corner? OH... it's Stubby*. He's been crushing on the monkey ever since I brought her home.

This morning I caught them in a strange giraffe/ monkey embrace. Bet you don't see that too often.

*Stubby is a giraffe hand puppet that I bought for my dad when I was in college. He is so named because, well, he has no neck. I thought the identifying feature of giraffes was a very long neck. Stubby, appropriately, has no neck. He is also only one of a number of stuffed giraffes that my dad collected or was given over the years, and I would have to say there were at least a few more of them with no necks. I often have wondered... if there were a battle between long-necked giraffes and no-necked giraffes, who would win?


Brenda said...

The bag looks awesome! And you know I love the monkey baby.

theGracegirl said...

I think the no-necked giraffe would have a pretty good chance, because he could head-butt the other one in the neck. I don't know though.

I knew one guy who would not shut up about the possibility of a monkey and tiger being caged up and who would win. I really didn't care. I had my view, and he kept trying to persuade me that the tiger would win. I would not have it. Hello! Monkeys can climb to the top of the cage. And the tiger would need more calories to stay alive, right? I dunno.

Joy said...

I think the short-necked giraffes will win -- they can scamper about faster than the tall ones and duck under the tall ones' legs probably.

The bag is so cool!

I just don't get fingerless gloves. Am I missing something?