Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Happy Blogi-Birthda-Versary!

Today we celebrate two pretty significant milestones:
Drunken Monkey Knits is celebrating its FIRST birthday!
And the Drunken Monkey is celebrating her 30th birthday!
I say that's cause for much drunken monkey-like jubilee.

This year I've had probably the longest birthday celebration ever, and it's not quite over yet. I include here, for your pleasure, some of the highlights.

September 17: Kimmie treats me to a wonderful, wool-filled day in Yellow Springs at the Wool Gathering.

September 27: Nicole and Tobie treat me to a delicious dinner at Bravo in West Chester.

September 28: Joy treats me to a delightful dinner at both Red Robin and her new home in Mason. (The rainbow pictured above stretched in a full arc across the sky and greeted us brilliantly as we left the restaurant.)

September 30: Wendy treats me to a super fun afternoon at her house, followed by a SHOCKING surprise party at Nicole's house, planned and attended by my incredible, industrious mother, and including my aunt, many of my close friends from my former place of employment (FPOE) and lots of my closest knitting groupies.
October 2: Tricia treats me to lunch and playland-playing at McDonalds with her three kids (twins almost 3, and one almost a year and a half), followed by shopping at Goodwill.

October 3: Leslie, Kimmie, and a few other friends from my FPOE treat me to a scrumptious lunch and dessert at Chili's in Montgomery. Then, after five hours of playing nanny for Tricia's kids, she and her husband treat me to a yummy Italian dinner with a canoli for dessert.

October 4: Potential lunch with even more friends from my FPOE.

October 6-8: The celebration continues with in Wooster with the party I knew about including family and maybe a couple of family friends.

I am truly and amazingly blessed. It's fun to be 30. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

My mom snapped a ton of pictures at the surprise birthday party. I'll copy them from her this weekend and share them with you soon. Thanks to everyone who has made this birthday absolutely amazing!


Joy said...

I'm SOOOO glad to hear the surprise party was a shocking success! I hated to miss it but I just couldn't figure out how to do both birthday parties for Sam AND get to your surprise party.

I'll second that being 30 is fun. It's been far better than I expected! Here's to many more super-fun birthdays and years ahead!

Adwen, the Green Fairy said...

Happy 30th!!! Sounds like an awesome birthday!!!! Joy and I may be stopping by Yarns and Fabrications Saturday! :) I have a pattern I want to do! yay!

Leone said...

Happy Birthday Brooke!

I know about a surprise!


bean said...

um, hello, you forgot to mention the best part of your birthday - our phone call! i'll assume that you are planning an entire post devoted just to that call.

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Brooke! I'm sorry I wasn't part of the festivities. Can I make up for it at Christmas?

theGracegirl said...

Happy Belated Quasi-Celebration! Sounds like you've had a great time. Keep up the good knitting!

theGracegirl said...

Oh boy. I just looked up "quasi" because my mom started ridiculing my poor word choice. I was sure it meant "multi," and was about to prove this common knowledge to her, but apparently it means "having a likeness to something: resembling." So I guess my wish was "have a happy late sort of celebration." That doesn't have quite the festive ring that I meant it to have. Hmm... Funny, one of my textbooks just warned me last night against choosing words you aren't entirely sure of.

Silly me. Maybe I can do better:

Hope you had a delightful celebration!