Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Finished Stuff I Couldn't Show You Until Now

I spent this past weekend in Wooster hanging out with my brother (Sean) and my sister-in-law (Morgan) and my niece (Maggie) and my nephew (Calvin). We had big amounts of fun and stuff. A while back I showed you tiny pieces of a couple of projects I was working on, and today I get to show you the finished things. Yay!

Here's a kidlet tank made from Manos Cotton Stria. This yarn was FAB to work with and is very very soft. I used up two skeins on a US 6 needle and altered the stitch count a bit in order to match my gauge. I also altered the straps by knitting four small i-cords (one on each side of the front and back) and tying them in a knot over the shoulder instead of sewing it to the back. That way she can let it out a bit and she will hopefully be able to wear it next year as well. I found those shorts over a year ago at a thrift store and bought the yarn to match. I'm really impressed with the outcome, and I think Maggie was, too!

I showed you a quilt project in that teaser post, too, and the finished quilt was for Calvin. That's the quilt hanging over the pack 'n play on the right. I just LOVE this picture.

Here's a better picture of the front. It's a little town with a bunch of buildings and cars, a little farm, a lake with a boat, a fountain, and even a camp site. I found the best little Fisher Price cars for him to drive around the roads. (Click any picture to make it larger.)

The back, you say?

Nope, this isn't a Magic Eye picture. It's an alphabet jumble fabric that I fell in love with the first time I saw it.

Something else exciting happened over the weekend, too. For the first time, Maggie got to choose what she wanted for her birthday sweater. She'd be the first to tell you that she'll be 5 years old on August 25. I thought 5 was a significant age (a whole hand full!), so I gave her some options to choose from for her fifth birthday sweater.

She chose a great neckdown pullover pattern from Knitting Pure & Simple and the 10 for $10 Patons Fresco I got on ebay not too long ago. This should be a fun, quick knit, and if I forget when I have to have it done by, I know just the (four and five-sixths year-old) person to call.


Mandy said...

The kidlet tank turned out fabulous and I love your quilt! I'm still trying to finish up the quilt I started...gasp...over a year ago. Shh, don't tell the ladies at Y&F. ;)

Hope you're doing well! ~mandy

KelInCal said...

What a great auntie you are! Your niece and nephew are just too sweet! The tank is cute and I like the i-cord mod you did - good thinking. My son rec'd a carpet one year for cars and he really put it to good use. The blanket version is such a good idea! Lucky kiddos!

Barbara said...

Yaay! I'm lucky, too -- I also got to spend the weekend with those kiddos AND Brooke!!! Great pix, Brooke. Now that I am finally in my office for a few moments, I am looking forward to actually seeing some more of them. Love and Hugs

Joy said...

Everything turned out TOO cute! How fun to give them the gifts in person so you get to see them enjoy/wear/model them for yourself!

Annabelle said...

I love that quilt idea! I've only seen rugs/carpets with that design, but I never thought you could make a quilt like that!

Brenda said...

The quilt is amazing! And I can't believe how big Maggie is.

bean said...

and yes, to all that may be wondering, having an aunt like that is super! my kids are always entertained and dressed in darling things. :)