Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Big Fun Times

Since we last spoke, an incredible amount of amazingness has occurred.

That's right, the Drunken Monkey is officially three years old. Who would have guessed the madness would have lasted this long. Sure, the Monkey writes less these days, but she's still knitting (and even crocheting!!!) like mad and attempting to entertain the masses. Thanks for still reading! I heart ALL my readers. (Even Knitsie. Remember

Thing two: BIRTHDAY.
That's right, as of last friday (October 3) the Drunken Monkey is officially 32 years old. That's right. 32 and proud of it. None of this 29-and-holding stuff. 32. That's the brink of birthday-candle-bankruptcy and frightening the smoke alarms. But I still love my birthday, and I think it's because I'm spoiled rotten.

Friday morning I walked into work to scads and scads of posters covering the walls proclaiming that it was my birthday. My cubicle was decked out in streamers, balloons, more posters, and flowers.

Then came the cake. Everyone at work knows about Knit Knack and Knitasha, and their only conclusion was that I MUST have a turtle cake for my birthday. So Amy hired her cousin (who also works there, just in a different department) to bake a turtle cake.

Honestly, this cake deserves its own blog post. His eyes and the decorations around the edge of his shell are Apple Jacks. The shapes on the back of his shell? Fruit Rollups. But not just any Fruit Rollups. These are Fruit Rollups with Batman tattoos on them. Oh yes.

Needless to say, I felt loved. Then about 30 minutes after we'd eaten turtle cake (which was about 30 minutes after we'd scarfed down donuts), we heard an unexpected visitor walking down the hallway saying, "I'm looking for someone who's having a birthday!" It was my MOM!!! I had no idea she was coming, but she had asked for a personal day (six weeks before!) and drove three hours Friday morning to come find me at work and surprise me for my birthday.

(Are you starting to see how I'm spoiled rotten?)

Not only that, but she came armed with ANOTHER cake and a bunch of presents, including a new book about how Knit Knack and Knitasha met at a PICNIC, of all things. I gave her the grand tour, she hugged nearly everyone in the building, and we got to leave early (which had been pre-planned by me... I mean, if you have to work on your birthday, you should at least be able to leave early, right?).

The rest of the weekend was a birthday whirlwind with dinner with Dani and her mom, baking sock cookies, going to sock club (where I was again ridiculously spoiled... I have NO idea where they found out it was my birthday!!! I certainly didn't tell them two weeks before to make sure they were properly prepared...), hanging out with Dani at a craft fair, and dinner with
Kimmie and Chris and Leslie on Sunday. Phew!

Monday night I got to have dinner with Wendy and hang out for a bit at Barnes & Noble where a gift card from Tobie and Wendy bought me the Yarn Harlot's new book and a book on how to turn old socks into stuffed animals. Much too cute.

Thanks to everyone for making my birthday a blast!

But I'm not done.

Thing three: BABY!
Monday, October 6, at 1:23am, I became an aunt for the third time! Hallie Rae joined the west coast Higgins family, and we're all VERY excited.

Thanks to my brother and his handy iPhone for the pictures. You can see more
here. Mom and I get to go visit at Thanksgiving.


As you can see, it's been a crazy busy fun weekend. I do have to give a shout out to Miss Katherine, who shares my birthday, and for whom I was unable to finish a birthday sweater in time. But I'm still working on it, and fortunately she's just turned two and might not care TOO much that I'm late. LOVE!


Joy said...
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Barbara said...

Joy -- really -- just CHILL! How could I have surprised her in Batavia if she had come home? Besides, she had to work that weekend and obviously had made plans with other people for boocoo other things. And you know if she had REALLY WANTED to go to the reunion, she would have dropped everything else to go. (Sorry to let the secret out, Brooke, but she had to be told!!!)

I love you to pieces, Joy, and love accidentally finding you at Yarns and Fabrications and love hearing about your family and the wonderful things God is doing in your lives; but trust me -- not everybody loves going to class reunions. Now ... just wish Brookie a happy birthday, please.

Love and Hugs

Joy said...

I did, Barbara -- on her Facebook page. Glad it was a fun weekend.

Joy said...

Sorry Brooke -- I deleted the original comment that so clearly didn't come across the way I intended. i should know better than to attempt sarcasm in writing.

happy blogiversary, happy birthday, and congratulations.

Kim said...

Hooray! Happy Birthday. What a way to celebrate : )

Your cake looks yummy, too.

Annabelle said...

Happy Birthday! And congratulations on being an auntie again. The cake looks yummy!

Donna said...

Happy birthday - I'm happy for you just reading about it - how fun!

Erin said...

Happy Late B-day Brooke! Welcome to 32:) You were totally spoiled and totally deserved it.

P.S. Maggie looks sooooo much like you!

Leone said...

Happy happy happy birthday you Drunken Monkey you! And OMG- only being an Aunt once I can only imagine the joy of being an Aunt to three. Congratulations! I'll be sure to send you some cake soon- you may go into withdrawal! :)

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Brooke! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time! I miss you terribly. Katherine says thank you in advance for her sweater. I just put away last year's sweater a few weeks ago.

Anne Kaelber said...

Happy belated birthday! You *should* be proud of every one of those years---I know I am and I'm 38! ;)

You have some awesome people surrounding you. It's truly special when that happens!


tricotchick said...

Happy Birthday!! You had a terrific birthday, and a little Hallie Rae is a great bonus! Kudos to your mom for the cool birthday surprise!! Have a great new year!

Anonymous said...

OMG. I lost the BFF title. I can't cope.

bean said...

yay for babies and non-wrecky cakes! that cake is crazy! i wish i could have been there, but i was otherwise occupied waiting to be done being pregnant. we'll party when you come here!

you picked my favorite hallie picture, btw.