Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Three Pair*

I've taught a few Fibertrends Felted Clogs classes at the store this winter, and in order to garner interest in the pattern and the class, I made a store sample last fall. I originally had no interest in a pair for myself, so I made the sample pair to fit Karen, the store manager. However, when they were finished, Joy, the store owner, claimed them for herself, felted one, and left the other unfelted to show the difference in the store.

But then I actually had to teach the class, and I generally like to work on the same project that my students are working on, so I decided to make myself a pair. I didn't want to buy more yarn, though, so I scoured my spare bedroom for leftover Cascade 220 and came up with a big bag full. So I made a pair for me.

Hmm. A bit big. Perhaps I should felt them.

Much better. Super toasty. They stay on my feet surprisingly well, too.

So, I figured I was done knitting felted clogs. Two pair is enough, right? Then I happened to draw Karen's name (the aforementioned store manager) for the store's Christmas gift exchange. What to get her.... what to get her... oh yes! She got robbed of some felted clogs! So I picked out some new colors and got to knittin'.


And post-felting, an action shot of the third pair of clogs showing off their practicality and keeping Karen's feet toasty in the yarn store:

There you have it. Proof not only that I can finish complete PAIRS of things for knitting projects, but that I can complete MULTIPLE complete PAIRS of things for knitting projects. But three is enough. At least for this year.

*This post brought to you by the song "Air Force Ones" by Nelly, chorus lyrics re-written here to fit the theme of the post, and hopefully make Brenda giggle:

I said give me three pairs
(cause) I need three pairs
So I can get to stomping in my felted clogs
(Knitters) stomping in our felted clogs


Kara said...

I loooooooooooooooove that you rapped (pun intended) this post up w/ Nelly. :)

Kimmie said...

Its gettin' cold in here! So put on all your clogs! (sorry - desperately trying to think of something funny and gangsta to post but, turns out, I'm white and nerdy)

trek said...

Nice! I really need to knit up my own pair...

download font said...

looks cute....