Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So here I am enjoying my last free Wednesday for a while*, and wondering what I could show you that you would possibly have any interest in, but that won't ruin any birthday surprises later this year, and wondering in the meantime how in the world four weeks go by so fast with no posts... and I remembered. I have a shark.

His name is SHARK!!
I made him out of Cotton Ease.
I used size US4 double pointed needles (I think).
His teeth are pointy, but not so pointy that you can't toss him a fishy snack every now and then. And, he likes to cuddle.
I used this pattern: Natty Knits Shark
Here's the Ravelry link: Shark

Did I tell you his name is SHARK!! ?

And he has pointy teeth.

I also have a dilemma.
At first I thought that my awesome cowboy nephew might need a stuffed shark.
And then my awesome story-writing momma mentioned she might need a stuffed shark to enhance her octopus stories.
And then I finished SHARK!! and thought that I might need to keep him for my very own.
And then I decided that I wanted to make an army of tiny, sock-yarn sharks.
And then I bought some yarn for my shark army,
and then I didn't make any.
Sigh. What to do, what to do.

Regardless, SHARK!! goes very well with my BRAND NEW MESSENGER BAG for SCHOOL!!!

My AWESOME, MOST-FAVORITEST sister-in-law got this bag for me. I think it fits very well with my current underwater life motif.

*Registration for classes for the TAP MBA program is next Wednesday, May 18. On Wednesday, May 25, I start classes toward my MBA. I should be done in the spring of 2013, a gazillion Wednesdays from now. :) I can't wait to carry my books in my new bag!!


bean said...

How has no one commented on this yet? It mentions ME! Hello. Anyway, SHARK!! is very very awesome. And you are right, your nephew would love it. Btw, he is now obsessively watching this alligator hunting show on tv, so I'm expecting him to start playing with his crocodable obsessively again. We'll just have to call it an alligable. And your nieces and nephews don't read your blog, so post away! I won't let them see the pictures, I promise!

Kimmie said...