Friday, July 28, 2006


Dear Brenda,

Please tell me you watched the new show on the Sci Fi Channel:
"Who Wants To Be a Superhero?" You had to be watching... I could almost hear you cackling along with me.

At first I thought that some of the gentlemen contestants on the show were nice to look at. Then I realized their purpose in being there, and I remembered how incredibly nerdy they must all be. Shortly after, I realized how serious everyone was actually taking this whole idea. So I stopped appreciating the view and just continued the cackling.

Come on... Monkey Woman has bananas in her belt! You, of course, could be her if you didn't have a supermonkeybun in your supermonkeyoven. You'd be way better at being her, though, even though she made my night by changing into her superhero costume while in a tree.

Stan Lee cracks me right the heck up. Why is he telecommuting all the time? He must be afraid he might anger one of the super heroes to the point where he's concerned for his physical safety. I also can't tell if he's taking this seriously or if he's just yanking all of the hopefuls on their curiously cracked chains.

Fat Momma's objective is surely appreciated. She may want to use something other than donuts to supply her superpowers, however, as the ones she had wouldn't stay attached to her belt as she ran to complete her task.

Major Victory is definitely one of my favorites, even though he qualifies more as a "weiner" than a "winner". Feedback could be a favorite, too, if he gets his act together.

This show is definitely going to be a top one for me this summer, if for no other reason than to give me an excuse to cackle for an hour every Thursday night. I'm eager to see what other tasks these crazies are forced to do. Please tell me you've been watching... if you haven't, you must start next Thursday!


a.k.a. Drunken Monkey


Brenda said...

I am ashamed. I didn't watch. We started to watch but it was so painful. All those people were serious. They truely believe. It pained me to see an adult say "My whole life has been leading up to this."

I'll do better next week. I'll put aside my concerns for human dignity. I'll watch.

Joy said...

oh. my.

i'm not sure i could watch. and being on vacation i will totally miss next week. but maybe the week after. an hour of cackling would do me good.

Kniterella said...

I ran across it this week and initially thought it was a joke, too. I wonder what the 'super heros' do when they go home at night - hmmm.

Love reading your posts even without the pics (heck, half of the time you can't get them to post anyway).

Hang in there, it will all come together

Kimmie said...

"Who is this child's mother?" - Another of my favorite quotes of the show! Per your recommendation on Friday I Tivo'd a rerun and watched with glee. I had a bit of a dispute with Randy as to whether or not the show is "scripted" (he thinks there's no way it could be real - I said ther are lots of people out there who would do this). Although he was able to accurately predict who would be kicked off each time.

Major Victory is my favorite, if for nothing else than his weiner catch phrase. I also liked the gusto with which he had the lost girl jump into his arms. He also seems to laugh at himself a lot, which makes me laugh.

I love how seriously they are taking it and I love how they say Excelsior! as a closing. Stan Lee cracks me up as well although I don't think he is doing it on purpose. I love it!

Brenda said...

I watched a rerun last night. I still found it a little painful. Major Victory got the laughs when he danced around after changing into his costume. And "who is this child's mother?" was priceless.

The apologies at the end were alarming. I half expected Monkey Woman to say "I do not deserve to live" and fall on her sword. (I know she doesn't have a sword, but she could have scrounged one up for her final moments.)

So, I think I'll watch again this week. Though I'll have to hide it from James. And I'll have to watch my exclamations of Excelsior!