Saturday, December 23, 2006

Google Knits!

Today, December 23, 2006, Google's search engine has a special holiday picture up. This one:

How cool is that?

Merry Christmas!


Lene Andersen said...

I saw that and had a good giggle.

Merry Christmas!

Joy said...

TAG! You're it!

Check my blog for details. :)

Eibhlin said...

Found your blog when browsing patterns at
I was gobsmacked when I saw your Tychus pattern there and knitted it last night with leftovers. It looks great and I wanted to tell you.
I live in France and I have a favour to ask. Would you accept a translation of this pattern to be published on a French site (as a matter of course you would be quoted as designer)? There's a growing community of knitters there and lots of beginners (and experts alike) might enjoy knitting this. This site works a bit like knitty (there's a very active forum) and there's a free downloadable list of patterns. I have produced some patterns for it, see: or

Thanks for reading this.