Monday, February 12, 2007

Excuses, Excuses

Dear Calvin,

If you read my last post, you know that you have been on my mind a lot lately. I want you to realize that the road to Valentine's socks is paved with good intentions but is also full of distractions.

For example, Saturday morning I had NINE people in sock club! That's a record! I have never had that many sock knitters in sock club at one time. Nicole and Tobie showed off their two-socks-on-two-circulars skills, I taught Bea and Dorothy the long-tail cast on, I helped Michelle get started on her first sock on two circulars, Sherry renewed her love for knitting socks, Karen worked diligently on the second sock of her first pair, I watched Pat's eyes light up as she worked the magic of a heel turn, and Lisa made good progress toward having another toe for me to graft. Phew!

With all of that excitement, I only made minimal progress toward completing your second sock. Your sock is the only one I worked on that morning! Here is what I completed in two hours:

Saturday afternoon, I taught a
Fuzzy Feet class. It seemed only fair that I make a fuzzy foot, too, even though I didn't go strictly by the pattern and opted for a short row heel instead of the heel flap. Andrea and Joan did great, though, and by the time we were finished they were both well on their way to a completed fuzzy foot. I even found out that Joan and I both graduated from the same college, just a few years apart. Small world!

After that class, I went out to dinner with Dani and some of her friends, then stayed to knit at Dani's house. I wanted to finish that first fuzzy foot because it amused me a great deal. Want to see?

Lots of people wanted to know if I was using someone's school colors or if I was a Laker's fan. The truth is, I already had the purple at home, and I thought the yellow would be a fun color to go with it.

Then Sunday, this happened:

Don't ask. I don't even know what hit me. That's not even all of it. Some days I get hit by faulty inspiration that makes me pull out a bunch of yarn and completely disregard everything that's already in progress. It's a sickness.

As far as I know, though, you'll be in California for Valentine's Day anyway, and wouldn't even be home to get the socks if I'd sent them on time. So, how about some George Washington's Birthday socks?

Annie Grook

P.S. Please extend my apologies to your sister... she'll get her socks when you get yours. Love you both!


~Tonia~ said...

Sounds like you had some great classes. Glad that they all went so well. Yay for knitting creativally.

Anonymous said...

I say....another drunken monkey in Blogsville? Is this town big enough for the both of us?

Happy kniting one 'n all.

Chad said...

mmm you seem to be an imposter. You're not the REAL drunken monkey.
But having said that, you're blog is rather more woolly than his. and he cant knit for sh*t.

Chairboys said...

2 Drunken Monkey's how can we tell them apart!!!! Hmmm lets see, one has a crap hair style and the other will be wearing a tastefully styled knitted bobble hat!!!

Joy said...

That's so cool that you had such a great turn-out! I was there in spirit... I'm sure Calvin will understand -- he's at a very good age for missing deadlines. Just like my niece. Who has now been waiting almost 2 months for her Christmas stocking.

theGracegirl said...

Hey, Grook--you could just send the finished socks off and Calvin could have one warm foot. :) Sounds like you started off on the wrong foot.

I wish I had an aunt that knit me Valentine's socks--even George Washington's Birthday socks. I should quit complaining, though. I did get a Valentine's card from my grandmother.