Friday, February 2, 2007

A Long Way For a Fun Game. Oh, And Poetry

Bloggers come up with some crazy insane ideas.

Cara at
January One was talking about the Bridge To Terabithia movie that's coming out this month. It's understandable that some people don't want to see the movie because they are so dedicated to the book. I can understand. I love that book. If you haven't read it yet, go read it. Now. I'm not kidding. I'll wait.

Okay, you're back? Great. My opinion is that even if it's a shoddy movie, it might encourage kids and adults to go read the book when they might not have known about it otherwise. Cara provided a link to the blog of a children's librarian called
A Fuse #8 Production. There's a short bit talking about how the movie might not be as bad as the trailer makes it look. That's good. I think I want to see it.

So I was looking on that librarian's blog (and marveling at all of the different blog genres there must be... if there are children's librarians' blogs then there must be blogs for
oboe players, blogs for bonzai tree growers, blogs for hang gliding enthusiasts... but I digress.), and I happened to glance at her blogroll and saw the title, The Brookeshelf. How could I not check it out?

(Get it? Check it out? Like... at the library?)

I read through some of her posts, and found one called Children's Literature In Your Pants, which basically takes the titles of children's books and adds the phrase "in your pants" at the end. Hilarity ensues. She links to where she got the idea and then provides a few examples in her post. There are a bunch of great comments, too, adding other silly books to the list. My favorite is by Louis Sachar (of course), who wrote: Holes In Your Pants. Muhaha. Follow the links for much snickering.

Since this is a knitting blog (and not a
soap box derby blog), I thought I'd check my knitting shelves for some fun and amusement. How about:

From Jan Messent: Knitted Historical Figures In Your Pants (hey! what are they doing in there?)

From Kath Dalmeny: World of Knitted Toys In Your Pants (it's a zoo in there!)

From Barbara Albright: Knitter's Stash In Your Pants (we all need more places to store the stash.)

From Gisela Klopper: Beautiful Knitting Patterns In Your Pants (who doesn't love pretty knitted pants!)

From Vanessa-Ann: Knitting For The First Time In Your Pants (wait until you're more advanced before you start with the naked knitting.)

From Charlene Schurch: Sensational Knitted Socks In Your Pants (why are they in your pants? they're supposed to go on your feet!)

From Leigh Radford: One Skein In Your Pants (oh go ahead, you know you want to keep the whole stash in there!)

Want to play? Leave me some comments or play on your blog and let me know.


Also, today is the
silent poetry reading day thing. I didn't play last year, but I did want to contribute this year. I'm not entirely sure how much poetry my dad ever wrote (Mom, maybe you can enlighten me?), but there was one poem he wrote that has really stayed with me and greatly influenced my life. Are you ready? Here goes:

Rub a dub dub
Three men in a tub.
Bout time they took a bath.
--Dennis E. Higgins

Thank you. I wish you all the best. Happy Groundhog Day.


Joy said...

"Yarn Harlot In Your Pants" -- where else would a harlot be, yarn or otherwise?

Lisa said...

Okay, as previously discussed......Knitting with Balls .. in your pants! This is something I personally would not try but for some knitters it is a requirement.