Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Knitting Knerd Fighters

Remember the In Your Pants post from last month? Well, the gag came from a video blog called Brotherhood 2.0 in which two brothers have given up all textual communication in 2007 in favor of leaving each other video messages every weekday. It's pretty darn amusing.

Well, they have been discussing a video game called "Nerd Fighters" with some regularity, and the challenge today was for any fan aspiring to be a nerd fighter to determine the kind of nerd he or she might be and add a verse to the Nerd Fighter theme song based on the perspective of that particular type of nerd fighter.

You so know what kind of nerd I am. I had to get in on the fun. Here's my verse:

Knitting Knerd Fighter

With shiny metal needles and a room full of yarn,
I’ll fight my knerdly battles without giving a darn.

I keep track of my projects using MS Excel,
How knerdy is that? You know that I’ll never tell.

And what’s a knerdy knitter without a knitting blog?
Better make those stitches perfect so I don’t have to frog.

I even love the math that goes with knitting and design…
As nerd fighters go… baby this battle is MINE!

For more verses from other aspiring nerd fighters, click here.


In other news, I finished the store sample.

This is not an easy shade of blue to match when it comes to ribbon. So I went with brown to match the little star buttons, and I think it turned out well. Plus, the whole shebang was knitted from one skein of Butterfly mercerized cotton, which I think will be a good selling point for the class.


~Tonia~ said...

Love your Knerd edition.

The weater and booties are really cute and I am sure it being out of 1 skein will be a big selling plus.

Amanda said...

It's fabulous, dahling!

I would totally make it if I knew someone expecting a smidget. ;0) Plus, one skein of yarn, who can beat that?

Can't wait to see you again.

Your newest BFF, Mandy

Joy said...

Ooooooo. I just may have found what I'm going to make for this little baby boy we're expecting in July. Mercerized cotton would be perfect for summer. Ever since I saw you working on it in the store, it's been haunting me...

an old BFF, Joy