Thursday, May 31, 2007

Deep Fried Monkey Toes

Seriously. Site meter told me that somebody found my site by Googling "deep fried monkey toes." Turns out I'm the ninth link down. Dream come true, peoples, dream come true.

(Maybe by making the title of this post "Deep Fried Monkey Toes" my rank on Google will increase?)

Not too long ago my friend
Nicole tagged me for the "Seven Interesting/Weird/Bizarre/Random Things About You" thingie. I don't even like sending back those email surveys I get every other week. So I decided I would write a blog and tell you a bunch of things and you could choose which things were random or interesting about me and which things were just things I wanted to tell you. Ready?

* My knit-blog-reading has been kind of sparse and dry lately. I think I just needed something fresh and new to read. Here are some new-to-me knitting blogs that I highly recommend for great projects, beautiful pictures, and fun people.

- KelinCal at hypKNITized. She has some uber cute puppy action going on in between all the knitting.

- Monika at
Smoking Hot Needles. Check out this handpainted shawl that was dyed AFTER it was knitted!

- Julie at
Little Cotton Rabbits. Apparently her toys sell out quicker than a cat on bath day, but methinks meneeds one of her little monkeys.

- Dave at
Dave Daniels Cabin Cove. He has his own store for his hand-spun and hand-dyed yarn. Gorgeous stuff.

- Ruth at
Ruthless Knitting. She's the one who designed Sheldon, for pete's sake. Why didn't I start reading her blog sooner? Seriously, check out her Buster sweater. LOVE IT.

* Is it just me or did I wind a plaid ball of sock yarn?

* As of the time of this blog posting, I have less than three hours to purchase sock yarn for the next six months. I've somehow successfully kept from purchasing this absolutely stunning sock yarn on, but I want you all to know that I am allowed to accept sock yarn gifts throughout the next six months. (Just drop a note in the comments if you need my snail mail address... *winkwink*)

* Site meter also told me that one of my blog posts was featured in an
internet marketing article on how to get comments on your blog. I thought that was pretty cool.

* I'm amassing an amazing affinity for argyle.

* I'm headed to
TNNA in Columbus for the weekend. Look for me again on Monday.


~Tonia~ said...

Have a good time at TNNA. I am headed to Hoosier Hills Fiberarts Festival this weekend.

KelInCal said...,,, crap. Yeah, thanks for the link! :)

Thanks for the shout out. Have a good weekend!

Robin said...

I'm catching up on my reading and enjoyed your most recent posts. 3 of the 4 blogs you listed were new to me. Amazing that there are soooo many knitting blogs out there! Yes, that's definitely a plaid ball - cool!

Anonymous said...

What kind of person would spend her time Googling "Deep Fried Monkey Toes?" I hope she got to your site, saw the light and suddenly became a knitter.

Leone said...

Sheesh- I go away for a week and look at all the goodies on your blog! I'm about to move to Vancouver where the sock yarn-ness goes from a limited supply of faux fair isle Regal(sp?) to unlimited hand dyed goodness! Surely there will be sock yarn in both our futures. Wheeee eeehehehehe. I'm currently knitting a blanket on size 3.5 mm needles. Send me knitting mojo because this sucker is never going to end. It's the argosy pattern (lurrrrrve it) from Knitty. And I can't remember if I said this already or not- but Knick Knack's sheep costume? Fucking laughed my ass off! You are a Sheldon Knitting Goddess!