Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Dance

Yarn: Lorna's Laces Seaside
Pattern: Raindrop Lace Socks from Fibertrends
Needles: US 2 dpns

First sock started February 6, 2006

First sock finished
March 7, 2006

Second sock started
March 21, 2006

Second sock finished May 17, 2007, only FOURTEEN MONTHS AND TEN DAYS after it was started. I think this is the part where I start to regret how accurately this blog marks my progress, or lack thereof.

These socks were originally intended for me, but after I passed the heel of the second sock, I started to hate the very idea of these socks so much that I put them away. Umm, as you already know, I put them away for a Very. Long. Time. In that time, I decided that if I ever finished the darned things (that's sort of a sock joke... "darned"... get it? nevermind) I would give them to someone else.

Of course, now that they're finished, my feets like them very very much. But I'm still going to give them away. And I already have a recipient in mind. But thanks for offering!


Brenda said...

They are loverly! It doesn't matter how long it took to finish them. It only matters that you finished them.

Taxastrikkeren said...

Very nice socks,i like them a lot.I am a newborn sockknitter and I knit two socks at the time.You now:first to the heel on both,then the heels,the foots to the toes and then two toes: a pair of socks! And I have no second sock syndrom;-)

Gitte from Denmark

Sherry said...

I have 2 socks done-2 different socks and another different pair on the needles. HEHE The new pair are going to take me that long, I knit and knit and dont seem to get anywhere!

~Tonia~ said...

They are very lovely. Great job.

Leone said...

You are an FO fool! (working with your Mr. T reference earlier)

Spike likes them. I showed him the screen then he started to lick his paws. That's a sign of kitty interest.

Joy said...

I am in such disbelief I haven't been able to come up with anything to say. You actually finished something from your unfinished projects pile? Something that has been lingering that long? I am very very impressed. And inspired. I've discovered my hypothesis is true -- knitting is an excellent sitting-in-the-hospital activity.

Anonymous said...

i hope everyone is green with envy cuz i got the socks and now i have beautiful feet. thank you so much !!!!

elocin said...

I'm sooo jealous!*lol*

Fee said...

Very nice socks. Congratulations. I had such "work in progress-socks" too. I think it's normaly for knitters ;-)

Sabine from Germany