Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Speaking Of...

My biggest knitting accomplishment in the past week or so? I started the second Monkey sock. My second sock syndrome doesn't usually start until I'm past the heel of the second sock, but this time I couldn't even get the dang thing cast on. Ha! I showed you, cast-on-second-sock-not-wanna-do-it-syndrome! Observe:

I'm already past the ribbing already, too. I'm halfway through the first pattern repeat. Yeah. Take that.

And speaking of pattern repeats, one more and I'm calling it a cuff on my first twisted pretzel sock. That will be a grand total of ten pattern repeats on the cuff. I re-he-heally like this yarn. And this pattern. I just feel guilty when I work on it because I should be working on deadlines. It's too bad you can't hear me say "deadlines". I say it in a very sing-songy-sarcasticky voice. You would like it.

And speaking of deadlines, I'm halfway done with the University of Kentucky baby sweater. I thought I'd clarify for those of you not from around here who might think that "UK" stands for United Kingdom. I mean, it does, but not on this sweater. I think this baby is due in February. I did make one bootie, but it looks like it might fit an 8 year old, so I, umm, might make two more.

And speaking of babies, a friend of mine at work is expecting a baby boy soon, and asked if I could knit a hat with Rasta colors to match his daddy's hats. I used Kelly's super-cool
hat pattern as inspiration, and with some tips from the legend herself, came up with this tiny gem:

Look how teeny! Unstretched, the diameter is less than 10 inches. Stretched, though, it's around 17 inches, so it ought to fit the little tyke for a while. It still needs a little teeny brim to finish it off. I don't think I'm going to put an insert in the brim (I've been thinking seriously about this for at least... an hour or so), so that solves that. I used size 5 needles, Cotton Classic (mercerized cotton), and cast on 80 stitches. Knit 1, Purl 1 for four and a half inches, then decrease to 10 stitches, and pull the yarn through.

And speaking of solving things, this bowl solved my problem of not having a baby head to try the hat on. Maybe I'll get a picture after the baby is born. That would really make my day.

And speaking of making my day, thanks for the awards,
Monica and Bogie! I'll pass it along soon.


KelInCal said...

Everything is lookin' good, as usual! I love those colors in the Monkey socks, and the hat is too cute.

Bogie said...

You're welcome!

monica said...

Your U of K sweater is really coming along nicely.
I love the bright colors of the baby hat.

Everything looks wonderful.

MollyBeees said...

Oooh Love the grean monkey sock...and the sock pin. You rock. There is a surprise for you on my blog!

Kim said...

Brooke! My daughter was just accepted to UK for next year. I may have to make some of these sweaters myself!