Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Endless Waves of, uh, Stockinette Stitch

It's all about the white stockinette stitch around here right now. All white stockinette, all the time.

So clearly, I'm looking for distractions. Ooh! I could blog about all the white stockinette stitch I have to do! Yeah! Good idea!

Oh, did I mention this sweater has to be finished tonight because I have to give it to the recipient tomorrow?

Maybe I shouldn't be blogging.

Ravelry is a fantastic distraction, by the way. I think I've finally overcome the attitude and become something of an addict. Oh, the sock patterns.

I'll let you know when the sweater is finished.

Edited to add:
The sweater was finished around 2:40am-ish. Nothing like a good deadline.

p.s. I have to give a shout to all my Endpaper Mitts students from last night... every last one of them persevered through the Italian waste-free tubular cast on. There was a fair amount of teeth-gnashing, sure, but not one of them gave up. Great job, ladies!

p.p.s. Yes, that actually means I started my second Endpaper Mitt. Any bets on if I finish it in this millenia?


Kim said...

Hoorah! The UK sweater looks fabulous, they will be so happy. Could we make some kind of deal on the charting? If I start knitting now, I might have a whole wardrobe by the time Fall hits. Want some sock yarn?

KelInCal said...

(OMG, you snuck up on me. I have three posts to read!)

Your intarsia rocks. I shall bow down to you as the intarsia queen.

I noticed you had been active at Ravelry lately, adding those projects in and giving me something to look at. Such a great friend; thanks for thinking of me. :D

I love the colors you chose for the endpaper mitts. You must work on them - they'll be purty.