Thursday, February 14, 2008


This is my brick wall. I'd like you to meet it. I hit it a couple weeks ago, and have since become rather well acquainted. Here's why:

These five projects are all "due" in February. Two of them were technically due a few days ago, in order to have time to mail them in time for today, which clearly did not happen. Only one of these projects (the green monkey socks) is more than halfway complete, and I can only just barely say that about the monkey socks.

A couple days ago I spent three hours creating a hilarious and insightful post about a project that I've actually had interest in, and blogger wouldn't let me format it any other way than crappily, to my great dismay. So I haven't been absent from the blog for lack of trying. The new project?

Brigit Socks with the new Comfort Sock yarn from Berroco. (Here's a link to the pattern site on Ravelry, login required... for some reason the actual pattern site is down right now.)

This yarn is crazy. It's 50% nylon and 50% acrylic. That would have been enough reason for me to leave it right on the shelf, except the colors are so rich and brilliant that I had to take some home, and frankly, cast on immediately. I'm really glad I didn't dismiss this yarn based on fiber content. They don't call it "Comfort" for nothing. It is SO incredibly soft and nice to work with, and the stitch definition is enviable. It's also much less splitty than other non-wool sock yarns I've worked with. And it's cheap! I got mine at Yarns & Fabrications for $10.00, but I've seen it on the internets for as low as $6.50-$7.00. One ball makes a whole pair of socks. I'll be using this stuff again, to be sure.

So. Until I get past those five February projects, I'll be crouched at the base of this brick wall, cowering and trying to avoid Brigit-guilt. Anybody got a rope to help me over?


KelInCal said...

Oooo, I love Brigit, and now I'm going to have to try that sock yarn. There are a couple of sock patterns that I'm really wanting to try, and solid is the way to go.

At least you picked a great pattern to work on while avoiding the February projects. :D

Annabelle said...

You can do it!

I see some flamingo LL yarn in there. I love it! :)

I really love those new socks. Good avoidance tactics hehe