Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I HEART This Quick List

February 6
Monk and Psych.

February 7
I HEART sock club, and all my sock club members, and knitting socks, and being at my yarn store, and sock yarn, and sock needles, and sock patterns. I know this surprises all of you, dear readers, but you'll get over it.

February 8
I HEART great, creepy books being made into great, creepy movies. If you haven't seen (or read!)
Coraline, I highly recommend it.

February 9
I HEART the recently-formed Green Club, which consists of
Kimmie, Kara, Leslie and myself going to Noodles & Company for lunch the last two Mondays. (I also HEART Kimmie, Kara, and Leslie.)

February 10
I HEART 5:00 pm. Moreso on days like today than usual.

February 11
I HEART taking off my work boots when I get home. This HEART is very much related to yesterday's HEART.


Kara said...

I HEART The Green Club too! It must never end. And you must (pleassssse!) Teach me how to knit socks. :)

lyeago said...

I also heart sock club, especially our fearless leader!!!

Burn Notice was especially MacGuyverish (?) this week but I loved it anyway!

Kimberly said...

I heart the green club also! And I heart the fact that the name of it makes us sound eco-concious. And most of all, I heart you. Heart, heart, heart.

Chris Salley said...

I heart Brooke visiting my blog and taking my poll then attending the pending monthly craft night and teaching kara how to knit. I'll need a refresher too.

Chris Salley said...

i also heart not being invited to lunch

Anonymous said...