Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My HEART Will Go On

I don't like February. I've discovered this over the past couple of years... it's very difficult for me to get anything done in February. It's hard for me to be inspired, it's hard for me to be excited, it's hard for me to be in a good mood... it's even hard for me to pronounce February! Seriously. Say it a few times in a row and listen to how ridiculous it sounds. Stupid February.

NO! Not this year! Happy February! I'm taking February back.

I've decided I'm going to find at least one thing to be super happy about every day this February. And since it is
American Heart Month after all... everything I pick will be something that I HEART!

So, without further ado...

February 1
I HEART knitting patterns that inspire me to cast on and knit them right away! This heart pattern (are you sensing a theme?) was one of the Knitty surprises this winter, and it made me so happy when I saw it that I had to cast on the very day it became available. It uses sock yarn and itty bitty needles, and I had two perfect yarns in my stash. The variegated red is Fleece Artist, and the solid is Louet Gems. Don't tell her, but I'm giving this one to my friend Joyer, because I HEART her, too!

February 2
I HEART my mom.

After my post about my 25 random things, she tried to post a comment with 25 comments on my 25 random things, but it wouldn't let the comment publish, so she printed them out and sent them to me. I totally HEART this list, and I have her permission to post it here.

1. You've never followed the rules.
2. You write the rules.
3. In kindergarten, you refused to make a project because your brother had already made one two years earlier.
4. I was not furious about the ballet class; I was extremely embarrassed.
5. There was no controlling you.
6. You were SO CUTE in your tutu!
7. The ballet instructor was NOT a nice person.
8. I still have to hide the band-aids from you.
9. Wasn't your detective agency's first job to find the band-aids?
10. Remember looking through the corn in the garden to find clues?
11. You were at G'ma and G'pa Mowery's house at breakfast when you asked for the "gravy." My mom and dad thought you were hysterically funny!
12. "Gravy" is an awesome knick-name!
13. Dad insisted you take marching band. I was distraught because you were so... hysterical... but NOT funny!
14. Which car's engine died because you "forgot" to check the oil?
15. A T-rex is allowed to stomp on the grass but is too tough to get injured. I am doubting the hyper-extension...
16. "You and I both know you rolled through that stop sign."
17. Great job list -- you are so versatile!
18. The un-engagement -- you totally lucked out on that one!
19. Dad loved the ocean-in-a-bottle you brought back from LA.
20. You are an incredible knitter! (Thanks,
21. All of your knitting fans adore their socks.
22. How long is the waiting list of people who want more socks?
23. Your sweater is doggone outrageous-gorgeous!!!
24. Excuse me... costumes for turtles? Are you trying to pull the wool over our eyes? BAAA-humbug!!!

(My mom is SO adorable! I HEART HER!!!)

February 3

I am SO proud of her. She is learning how to knit socks! I sent her some sock yarn and some needles and a beginning pattern, and she's braving it with the help of her mom. I don't know how she does everything she does and still has time for learning how to knit socks and
post pictures of her adorable children and everything else she does! I don't tell her often enough how much I love and appreciate her. I HEART you, Morgan!

(Plus, the other night when we were talking online, she gave me my most favoritest title ever. She called me a Knitting Ninja Master Pirate Queen! Yeah!)


BFF Wendy said...

Can I say again, how freakin' cute are you?!?!?!?!?!?!? And your freakin' cute Mom, too?!?!?! And by the way, some good things happen in February, like me!!! Don't forget me!!!!!

Kimberly said...

Well I HEART you and that lasts me all month long!

Joy said...

UMMMMMM.... YOU JUST TOLD ME!!!! I'm so excited -- it's awesome!

Love the kindergarten photo -- so terribly cute I can hardly stand it.

Big Heart Hugs for you!

Chris Salley said...

i heart your mom too. i don't know her but she seems pretty cute! Thanks for the pics!

Brenda said...

I Love You!

And I saw you roll through that stop sign too.