Saturday, May 30, 2009

Great Lakes Sheep & Fiber, 2009

Last weekend, Kimmie, Dani, and I made the annual trek to Wooster for the Great Lakes Fiber Show, 2009. We went to the show on Sunday the 24th with my mom and aunt.

I only took one picture at the show, of a mommy alpaca and her baby, only one day old. Aww.

I stole this picture from Kimmie's website. Looks like I finally found some knitting needles that are the proper scale! Okay, ha ha, my aunt had sent me a newspaper article about knitting needles the size of baseball bats, so when I found their booth at the festival, I had to try them out. The expression on my face is very amusing to me.

Let's see... I bought some yarn, didn't I?

My favorite purchase of the day was this sock yarn from Creatively Dyed Yarn.

I also got this worsted weight, also from Creatively Dyed Yarn. I'm planning on making a baby sweater with it, but I don't know what baby sweater, and I don't know for which baby.

Lastly, I got 1120 yards of sock yarn for $16.50! Yowsers! I'm going to split it up, probably into two 440 yard skeins and a 240 yard skein. I can't wait to dye it.

And my aunt bought me a pair of size 50 double pointed needles from the Bagsmith booth. Forget size twos. Now I'll be getting my socks done in no time. Okay, that's a joke. These are for some mega i-cords, or for this scarf.

The highlight of the weekend though, was dyeing yarn in my mom's backyard. See next post for more details! For a preview, you can check out
Kimmie's post on the subject.

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Brenda said...

Really? Size 50 needles? Come on.