Thursday, May 21, 2009

Go-To Baby Sweater

Before last night, I'd made 12:

One for Emily's baby
Two for Tricia's twins
One for a store sample
One for UK for Cassie's grandbaby
One for Notre Dame for Sue's grandson
One for Julie's baby
One for Erin's baby
One for Calvin
One Coke-y swoosh for Lanea
One with lots of stripes for Luke
One with lace for Katherine

As of 2:30am today, we bring the total count to 13:

I love the matching ribbon that I found.

And... the obligatory booties.

This one is for Monica at work, who is due at the end of June. We won't find out until then if the sweater is for Alexis or for Carson. I'm sure either way it will look adorable.

Pattern, as always, is the Classic Cashmere Sweater from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies by Erika Knight. Yarn is Reynolds Cottontail, a blend of cotton and microfiber. I used a size 6 circular needle. I bought the yarn a week ago. Score one for procrastination.


Robin said...

I think 13 is definitely a testimonial for that pattern! That's my favorite color! Love the ribbon and the booties are cute!

Annabelle said...

Oh that's too cute!!! And I don't know if I could ever get up to 13.. I'm only on 3 ;)

I have to say I had to shudder when I saw the hanger you put it on... I worked for that company for 5 and half years ;)

Erin said...

Ben's sweater still hangs in his closeet;)