Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Grand Opening

I asked Jeeves how many knitting blogs there are, and while he couldn't come up with a straight answer, he did come up with 56,700 results. So by my estimation there are... a lot of knitting blogs. So is it a desire to conform that I am starting my own? Not really. It's mostly a desire to keep track of my projects, document my successes, and share the joy. And possibly complain. But I'll try to keep that to a minimum.

Hopefully my already-off-by-a-day trend won't continue and I'll enjoy posting regularly. I have good reasons for delaying my grand opening though.

That's right. MacGyver stopped by to wish me a happy birthday.

Hey Sexy,
I hope you have the best birthday ever. I'd come to lunch with you but I'm busy using a toothpick and coconut to infiltrate the fortress of evil. When I'm done maybe we can run away together and you can teach me how to knit.
Love, Your Little 'Gyver

Dreamy. Can you imagine? Battling mafia hitmen and then turning a heel? Dismantling a bomb with DPNs and stitch holders and then casting on for a sweater? Narrowly escaping the slowly collapsing room using only a 2x2 rib swatch and a yarn needle, then celebrating with a trip to the LYS? Good times.

I'll be telling you all about my Adventures in Knitting(tm) in the coming weeks and months and so on, but here's a parting shot for today. A birthday gift from coworkers wrapped in knitted ribbon and knitting needles. Priceless.

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Brenda said...

Hey! That's the same birthday message MacGyver sent me!