Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Are Your Needles Free?

Sung to the tune of "Do Your Ears Hang Low?"

Would you...
Stick them in your hair?

Would you give the chimp a pair?

Would you put them with the paste?

Would you give black beans a taste?

Would you start another project
Like a
coonskin cap for Crockett?

Are your needles free?


Mine are. There's nothing like a deadline. More soon.


Leone said...

Heh... one time I put my dpns in my hair cause I was wrestling with some gloves I was knitting and I forgot they (three of them) were in there and went to school with them. Nobody said anything. I've never put my needles near beans though... and I'm currently knitting some calla lilies from Knitty so no coonskin cap for me. You are so funny Drunken Monkey! Hey wait... do you mean to say that your needles are free? ie. you didn't have to pay for them? (I'm a little slow to the catch, it took me awhile to realize you were doing a play on words with your last blog). Free needles? Free needles?! How does one get in this action?

elocin said...

there must be something wrong, by no means I can imagine you let your needles free.
Did you make the deadline?