Thursday, November 2, 2006

Come Along With Me

...on a little guilt trip.

While I hate being guilted into doing things, I do have to agree it might be time for an update. I have to tell you though, it's tough to be motivated to post when very little changes.

I have been knitting, but I can't really show you. (I can't even tell you what a hindrance that is to posting.) As you can tell, I'm not the only one entranced by a shiny new stitch marker.

Others of us don't seem to care.

I've been taking some walks with some friends. Well, near some friends.

I've been taking pictures of weeping willow trees for my mom. (Hi, Mom!)

I got a sweet birthday gift from my friend Leone... more sock yarn! I really need to start finishing some socks.

Oh. I, umm, finished a sock. (I can show you this one, because the recipient already knows about them. The second one is already halfway down the cuff.)

I owed you a birthday party pic. Here you go. Standing (from left): John, Ed, and Thomas. On the couch (from left): Aunt Karyl Lyn, Wendy, Linda, Tobie, Nicole, and me. In the front: Kimmie.

Today is Dad's birthday. I mixed my corn with my mashed potatoes at dinner to honor him.


Joy said...

Love the hippopotamus sock!

Can't wait to see the top-secret project.

Big hugs are coming your way today. Hope to see you soon.

knitannie said...

Hi Brooke. I've just finished knitting a Reid and I love it! Please check out my blog for some pictures, it beautiful. What an amazing pattern. I think the 4 year old size might have some errors (the number of stitches doesn't match the schematic measurements based on the gauge) but I had gauge issues anyway so I made the 2 year old size and it fits perfect. Thank you so much for a beautiful pattern.

Leone said...

Ooohhhh... shiny new stitch markers! My sister's cat Chuck attacks stitch markers that aren't shiny so he would go bonkers for those! As for motivation to blog when very little changes, have you seen my blog? I blog when I wake up two hours early and I want to tell people I'm going to play Sims. Well, since all I do is write papers and read textbooks, I have no changes in my life. Walks are good! We just got a tonne of snow last night that I think is going to stay (sigh) but at least it snowed after halloween. I went as Medusa. I hope my present doesn't put pressure on you to finish socks, it was not the intent. I was just so happy to see new sock yarn at my LYS because the selection was all that bad fake fair isle which made me pout. Guess what? I'm going to knit a sweater! Gee... maybe I should just send you an email or something cause this comment is getting rather long. Prend soin de toi!

Joy said...

by the way, I wasn't guilt-tripping you. I was heckling you. Big difference. :)