Thursday, November 30, 2006

Liar's Club

Here's how to play: I'm going to make a few statements about each of the following pictures. You have to pick which statement is the truth. Or, actually, just pick the statement you wish was the truth. (There are no guarantees. I might not actually give a truthful statement. I'm just like that).


a) It's tough to be only one guy on strike. There's never anybody to trade off with, so you have to do everything, even sleep, in the picket line.

b) Sorry, kids, Santa won't be coming to town this year. He had a really rough Thanksgiving.

c) New this year! Are you sick and tired of waiting around for your inflatable yard decorations to fill completely? Save time and money with our partially inflatable Santa! Some of the joy, half of the wait!


a) A family of concrete cleaners spent some time at my mom's house this fall, unfortunately, they cleaned themselves into a corner and had to clean around their feet, and it left this family of footprints on the patio.

b) Look for the explanation on the all new season of Ghost Hunters on the SciFi channel. Or maybe it's Alien Hunters. I can't ever remember.

c) "Step on a crack, break your mother's back, or at least leave impressions of all your flip-flops on her back patio."

Calvin Klein

a) A scout from
Calvin Klein was browsing patterns on and commissioned me to create a sweater incorporating their logo. You can purchase your own sweater for a mere $9,740 at the after-Christmas sales at Neiman Marcus.

b) Charlie Kaminsky called, he wants his initials back.

Calvin Kiley turned a whopping ONE year old on Thanksgiving Day. What better to commemorate than with his very first (kind of) birthday sweater.

Central Park

a) Fiber wall art. We all knew it would happen in this house sooner or later.

b) Using a ball and a quarter of Donegal Tweed, I've finished the first piece (Front Left) of the Central Park hoodie. This piece went unbelievably fast. It's too bad I don't have the other 10 balls of yarn nearby. I could be wearing this thing by Christmas. Okay. Maybe by Groundhog Day.

c) "I know what blocking is! It's when you get it wet and staple it to the wall!"


Leone said...

Okay, so for Santa... I don't know which one, I thought there was going to be a very diry, very wrong option for this one. Um, imprints I pick option C. For Calvin Klein I pick the adorable nephew option, and for Central Park I pick the b option and hope you get more yarn soon!

grins said...

I'm like Leone -- I hope you get more yarn soon, too. The sweater pattern is gorgeous and I can hardly wait to see yours done and on you!

Thanks for the blog. I miss you when you don't write. And you never call ....

Morgan said...

calvin kiley is loving his sweater, by the way. he receives many compliments on his calvin klein each time he wears it, prompting a rather lengthy explanation from sean or me. we need to have cards printed up.