Wednesday, January 31, 2007


It's easier and starting to go a little faster now on the two circular needles. I'm still not likely to abandon my double points, though. It seems like there are ends of needles flying around all over the place. I have learned that it's a lot easier to start a needle on a knit stitch instead of a purl stitch, though. Hey Tobie, I already messed up and knitted all the stitches on to one needle... I thought that might make you feel better. :) I am going to need to get kicking, though. Tomorrow's day one of February, you know.

Speaking of February, Knit Knack got his Valentine's shell earlier this week, so that he could be fashionable well in time for the big day. Apparently now he's "expecting" more seasonal outfits throughout the year. Seems kind of presumptuous to me. Knit a turtle a couple of shells, and he starts thinking he deserves the world. Who knew.

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~Tonia~ said...

Love the new shell. Who does he think he is to expect you to knit him seasonal things? LOL

I get anoyed at 2 circs. on a sweater with the ends flagging in the wind. I don't think I could ever tollerate socks that way.