Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ahoy Thar

Aye, mateys, it be me, The Dread Monkey Buttkin. I be fillin' in today for yer Drunk'n Monkey, the scurvy dog. She be off stealin' booty or pillagin' or some such thar'bouts. I be carryin' me loot in me bags here, so's I can keep close watch over 'em.

Arr... here be progress on the pirate arrrgyle socks... that scallywag couldn't finish em' in time for today (which be Talk Like A Pirate Day, for thems of ye who tweren't awares), but they oughten be done fer next year, especially since thems are s'posed to be done by the end o' the month here.

Tis no surprise that yellow scourge be afeared to show her parrot-peckin' face 'round these parts. She ought to be walkin' the plank for her cheatin' piratin' ways of this weekend past. Just look at this booty she aquired at that thar land lubbin' sheep festival.

This here sock yarn be forbidden! Aye, and the Drunk'n Monkey raided a booth and captured it for her own. That's not keepin' to the code! She ought to be lashed to a post to provide feastin' for the crows.

Arr, and that not be all, mateys. Only 8 galleons for 430 yarrrds of a merino/bamboo/nylon sock yarn... now that be what I call pirate treasure. I can't recommend runnin' her through for this transgression of riches, although she may be swabbin' the deck a couple extra turns for the next fortnight.

This here pirate thinks we've got a sock-yarn-buyin' mutiny on our hands. Cap'n Screamin' Wendy and Landlubber Lisa threw in their eyepatches long before our Drunk'n Monkey did, and for that I s'pose we ought t'be proud. So raise yer rum, ye barnacles of the poopdeck.

Aye aye!


KelInCal said...

Shiver me timbers! That there forbidden sock yarn's easy on me eyes, matey!

Joy said...

Pillory her! (is that how you spell it?)

What fascinating-looking sock yarn! Is it self-striping vertically??? I must pirate myself some!

MollyBeees said...

Avast! I'll make you walk the plank if you don't tell me what that gorgrous sock yarn (the one that you started the forbidden sock with) is!

Joy said...

I clicked the photo -- enlarged I could read the label. If you Google "interlacements" you'll find their website.

Leone said...

The Dread Monkey Buttkin made me laugh so hard and unexpectably that I scared Spike.

Those socks be right fine. Arrr.

Screaming Wendy said...

I be claimin' parlay, matey!

Annabelle said...

I just laughed water out my nose (sorry I don't know how to say that in pirate speak)

I won't tell that you got some new yarn. It'll be a secret till the Dread Pirate Buttkin's last breath.

monica said...

Arggh, matey, me boat was docked on dry land last weekend and I missed all the pillaging of the yarn booths, and the might tasty ice cream too. That is some mighty fine looking toasty toes ya be having there, even though it is forbidden. Dread Pirate Buttkin looks like he could be trouble I would keep me eyes (or eye, I should say) on that one I would.