Thursday, September 6, 2007

One Dilemma, Two Duckies


Thanks for all of the input and advice regarding the buttons. Seven buttons are right out! They never really had a chance. And now I'm so overwhelmed by the dilemma of whether to choose 5 buttons or 6, that I've tossed the sweater on the WIP pile and started a dozen new projects.

Okay, not true. I have decided (due to some fabulous advice) to try the sweater on as-is and pin it in place for 5 buttons, then do the same for 6. Then, and only then, will I make the final decision. However, the weather's got to come down out of the 90's for a few minutes before I'll consider putting that sweater on.

Thanks also for all of the thoughts on attaching the buttons. I love the idea of putting fabric behind the buttons, and the idea to use cotton floss to attach them. Since this is my first adult-sized sweater, I hadn't even considered this stuff before. I am amazed at the thoughtfulness and outpouring of ideas you guys have shared. I can't wait to finish the sweater so you all can see which of your ideas I chose to use.


I did start one new project. (Don't worry, it's on the list.) Here's a game: See if you can figure out the difference between the next two pictures.

The item in the top picture was started about four years ago, then abandoned to a bag in my old, old abandoned objects basket. I pulled it out the other night, decided I could do better, and started the item in the second picture. Looks like I've improved on my fair isle ducky style. Yeah, yeah, the orange and yellow yarns are different, but the main difference I was noticing was the way the stitches are so twisted in the top photo, but pretty straight in the second. That's because I used to think that I had to wrap the yarn I was carrying around every stitch, as opposed to only catching it every three or four stitches. I definitely like the change.


~Tonia~ said...

Good luck with the button decision.

Looks like you have improved quite a bit with the duckies. It is so nice to be able to see how far we have come in our knitting.

KelInCal said...

That is a big difference in the fair isle duckies! Wow - looks really good!

Can't wait to see the final hoodie, and lots of button info! I'll be needing me some button info...

Brenda said...

That's pretty impressive. I never realized that the way you carry the yarn had such an affect on the knitting. You are truly a knitting goddess!

Annabelle said...

Thank you for the well wishes. Hopefully I'll have some knitting up soon!

I still fear fair isle and I gotta say for an early try, you did pretty darn good (I tried intarsia and it went all bad, so I'm afraid of fair isle now!) They're really cute though, love me some duckies

MollyBeees said...

The second duckies look much healthier! Way to go!

Leone said...

wow- the second duckies were so defined I thought they might be duplicate stitch, but very well done duplicate stitch cause I couldn't see the blue ones- so nice fair isle!