Thursday, September 27, 2007

Link Fest (Random) Thursday

It's finally raining. Apparently we saved up all summer just for this storm, too. So it's dark outside and raining hard and every now and then the lights flicker. I'm happy. The grass is practically singing. Maybe the days of 90+ degree temperatures are actually in the past. We shall see.

The change in weather added to my quality genetic structure means my sinuses are playing some fun games. Did you know that
Halls makes a ginger ale flavored cough drop? They also have a "naturals" line that's pretty good. When I was a kid, the only time I ever drank 7up or Sprite was when I wasn't feeling well, so now it seems almost like an extra kind of soothing. Nothing makes my sore throat happier than a little clear carbonation.

So the
"Pay it Forward" thing didn't go over so well. I can understand. I know people are busy and have enough things on their plates to keep them swamped for ages. So here's what I've decided to do: In order to fulfill my obligations, I'm going to make and send handmade gifts to everyone who commented on my last entry. So Jenbut and Kelincal, you should expect something in the next 365 days (and don't be surprised if it takes just that long!). However, the two of you are under NO obligation to commit to the same. It's just my thanks to you for taking the time to comment on the idea.

We're coming up on the two year anniversary of Drunken Monkey Knits! That's difficult for me to believe, since in the past I've never been faithful to any kind of journal or diary for more than a couple of months. In honor of such an event, you know there will be a contest. I'm going to have to make amends for the sock yarn buying AND the fact that the arrrgyles are probably not going to get finished by end of September, so I'll be giving away some of my very own sock yarn stash. Stay tuned.

I'm still squeaking through my amazing list of projects. September's projects are a little behind, but I'm hoping to catch up in October. November will be busy, so I can't be behind going into it. A number of patterns have been calling my name... wanting me to cast on... coming to me in my dreams... Want to know what they are?

Endpaper Mitts: I'm actually hoping to teach a class on these next quarter.
Foliage: I have a single skein of Malabrigo that's just aching to become this hat. Hmm. Another class possibility?
Felted Goat: From Crafty Alien... if you haven't seen her amazing little felted animals, you must click the link and check them out. She has a ton of them in her Etsy shop.
The Perfect Sweater (pdf): At The Wool Gathering, our shop had a ton of new colors of Cascade 220, and one of them really caught my eye. I've been plotting a sweater with it ever since, and this is the one.
Marigold Socks: I suppose I could make these my November socks. I have the perfect orange Trekking with which to make these.

I'm also looking for an excuse to knit some teeny baby things (
Saartje's Booties (pdf), and a Sweet Baby Cap), and I've already found patterns to use for the upcoming Valentine's socks.

That ought to keep me busy for a while, don't you think?

Oh, one last thing. The
Central Park Hoodie is finished. I took it to work yesterday and showed it off. There were many accolades. It's been Soak-ed and is now laying flat to dry. There will be pictures soon. Hurrah!!


Annabelle said...

I'm totally 100% jealous of your rain. 75 and sunny all the time isn't what it's cracked up to be :)

I also was going to go for the Foliage hat from knitty, it's the only pattern this time around that I liked and those little felted animals are adorable.

I can't wait for the Central Park hoodie, I really like it a lot! Did you ever figure out the button situation?

KelInCal said...

Yay - can't wait to see CPH!

I've been wanting to add the End Paper Mitts to my list - that's a good one! I've got the Crafy Alien's fox on my list already - her little felted guys are so cute.

Thanks for the PIF pending gift! You're a good one.

Kimmie said...

So I need you to help me organize my craft agenda. I feel like it is all jumbled up in my brain and I'll probably never get it done because I will forget half the things I need to do!

Sorry I didn't check the blog in a couple of days or I totally would have signed up for random crafting. I've been wanting to do some exchanges. I just signed up for a patchwork/scrap exchange on Its closed now but it looks like it will be fun!

I miss you lets hang out soon!