Thursday, April 24, 2008

7 Random Things...

...about my walk tonight.

My good friend Chris from The Boiled Peanut tagged me for a 7 random things meme, and since I enjoy making up my own rules to things, I've decided to make my 7 random things about the walk I took tonight. See, I promised a friend that I would walk 5 miles this Saturday for the MS Walk, and so I've been "training" for the past few weeks so that I don't die from walking 5 miles. That would be SO embarrassing.

Tonight I took my camera along so that you could enjoy the springy fresh Ohio weather right along with me.

Random Thing #1
Lilacs are my favorite flowers. Absotively posolutely my favorite thing about spring is the blooming lilacs. I stopped to smell most of the ones I saw tonight, and I even snagged some from the last bush I passed to put on top of my piano.

Random Thing #2
You're going to have to trust me on this one. I didn't get a picture because the people across the street were taking out the trash when I wanted to get the picture. But I saw a statue of a dog sitting in a birdbath. It was priceless. I'll try to get a picture next time.

Random Thing #3
I found broken robin eggs. Robin eggs are the prettiest shade of blue. This reminds me of a story. I was about four years old.
My brother, two bolder, more daring years older than I took a whole robin egg and smashed it on his Dukes of Hazzard shirt while I was standing right in front of him. I thought for sure he'd killed the baby birdie and ran sobbing into the house. Hmm. It was either his Dukes of Hazzard shirt or it was a blue shirt with a sparkly horse on the front. I can't remember.

Random Thing #4
This one is something else you'll have to take my word for. I am prejudiced toward people who cut their lawns on the diagonal. I think it looks much better than a typical straight back and forth cut. I think it's my brother's fault that I like diagonal yard-mowning. I also love the smell of wild onions in the air after a yard is freshly mown. Anybody else have that where they live?

Random Thing #5
Bunny statues are scary. For example:
This dude WILL steal your tulip. And probably your wallet. And don't even think about hiding those Easter eggs. Give them directly to this guy and no one will get hurt.

This bad boy will throw your butt out of the bar if you start a fight. Is this not the baddest, buffest, bodacious-est bunny you ever saw? Next time I'll get a picture from the back, but the folks who live in the house he guards were home, and it was a stealthy photo shoot as it was. I will admit it is a little frightening to walk by this guy, and I would not dare to do it in the dark.

Random Thing #6
I love this tree. A lot.

Random Thing #7
Do you get the feeling that I'm not the only one who has walked this path?

In the theme of making up my own rules, I'm not going to tag anybody. But if you want to make up your own 7 random rules, you go right ahead.


Chris Salley said...

Can I go on walks with you? Yours seem so interesting

Janet from MN said...

Wow, blooming flowers! I live in MN and it will still be awhile for us. It's 50 and raining this weekend. Thanks for the pics.

Lisa said...

The buff bunny SO needs a Speedo! I dare you.

Karen said...

Those bunnies look mean esp. the first one. Love all the pics from your walk (but those lilacs would have me sneezing in no time flat).

Kimmie said...

Dude....bunny statues ARE creepy. They will go on my list with clowns, modern windmills,plants with red leaves, and porcelain dolls.

monica said...

Good for you walking. I really need to do that. Love all the pictures. I never remember to take my camera anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Ohio weather eh?
The local weather report I heard yesterday included word that it had snowed for 5 hours (and counting) near to here.
The lawns there were reportedly beginning to get white in colour - which means that it was basically too warm for much accumulation to occur ... but still!! Yuch.
I'm not sure if I'm going to trust that weather forecaster much in the future. She had the snow tires taken off her car earlier this week.

Happy knitting,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca

Celia Pleete said...

I have a small bunny statue in my living room. My actual housebunnies like to jump over it.