Monday, April 28, 2008

Banjo Dad

Last week I told you about the one song my dad always played on the piano. It's called "Jesus is Coming Soon" by R. E. Winsett and sung by the Oak Ridge Boys. Mom sent me the sheet music today, and also sent this great picture of my dad playing the banjo.

Click here to hear the song.

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Barbara said...

Hi! It's me again. I clicked to hear the song -- oh, so familiar! And do you happen to know what Dad was playing on the banjo (about 25 years ago at a church talent show)?
It was "Life Gits Te'jus, Don't It?" Such a talented man!!! No wonder his children are so special!
Thanks for the song; I love hearing you play. I love YOU! Thanks, too, for the extra help with the computer and photos.
Love and Hugs --

Chris Salley said...

your dad looks awesome in that picture!

monica said...

Sounds great.
Love the talent show picture.

Brooke Knits said...

Hi Brooke, got your link from the yarn harlot post.. I am a Brooke too! and I collect them on my blog.. not like in a jar or anything creepy.. so go check out my blog.. i've added you to my Brookes who Knit list..

The Mountain Girl News said...

Hi, are you OK? You haven't updated in a long time. No knitting inspiration?

Celia Pleete said...

I love his outfit. It reminds me of "Hee-Haw!"