Thursday, April 10, 2008

Captain Knack Sparrow: An Update

Remember this guy?

Last December I created a poll to determine which Knit Knack outfit was the fan favorite. The Captain Knack Sparrow shell was a clear winner with 31 out of 82 (37.8%) votes. Since then, the Captain has had some additional adventures I thought you might like to hear about.

First, did I ever tell you that after I send the shells to my mom, she writes stories about Knit Knack's adventures in his new outfits? So far, he has 16 different outfits, and I have 11 books. It's a trip.

One of the most recent books was The Adventures of Knit Knack: Captain Knack Sparrow in Pirates of the Vermillion. My mom has a collection of other stuffed and toy turtles that she dresses up to join Knit Knack on his adventures. They're quite the motley crew. For this particular book, though,

Mom built a pirate ship for the turtles. That's right. The Swift Purl. Shown here in dry dock on the back patio.

Here's Captain Knack at the helm.

There's even a figurehead named Myrtle. (She's a mertle, which is a cross between a mermaid and a turtle.)

(This is the part where you start talking about how we have too much time on our hands. And then comes the part where I tell you this is some of the best mother-daughter bonding ever.)

My mom's a teacher. She has high schoolers (bless her!) and she has told them all about Knit Knack. She even took him to school last fall to take pictures for his
back to school book, and got most of her students and a lot of other teachers involved in the project. So it's no surprise that she took Pirates of the Vermillion to school to read to her students once it was finished. A few weeks later, one of her freshman students brought her a present. A drawing. Of Captain Knack Sparrow. The artist, Bre, gave me permission to show you her pencil drawing. (click for big)

Captured him perfectly, don't you think?


Joy said...

Sam is quite impressed with Captain Knack, and especially his pirate ship. He wants to make a pirate of his own!

Lisa said...

Ahhhh, who could ever say they're bored in this life? What with knitting and turtles and knitted turtles, life is good and you and your mom are geniuses (genusii??) I love how the students get involved.

I still haven't forgiven you for the pink Panda Silk though.

monica said...

That is so neat that your mom contributes to the Captain Knack saga and involves her students too. I love the drawing.

tricotchick said...

That is just too cool. I love the ship, I love that your mother writes stories, and Bre's drawing is aces.

Party on dudes!

Donna said...

There are not enough words to describe how much I love this - you and your mom are the best!

Kim said...

We are lucky to have moms! What a wonderful idea to write the adventures!

Ragnar said...

Man, I thought my mom and I had a lock on crazy craftiness, but I bow to the clear superiors.


Annabelle said...

Awww! I love this.. too much time on your hands? Too much time to make really awesome and creative stuff that is!!

Chris Salley said...

First of all I love my mom but I'm totally jealous of the relationship that you seem to have with your mom.

Second, that drawing that the student did is really good and she should probably consider a career in design.

Third...that boat is awesome! Seriously.

Barbara said...

Wow! Your friends and readers sure make me jealous. What awesome comments! I wish my daughter and I could do outrageous stuff like that!!! OOPS!! We DO!!!!

Love and Hugs

~RaenWa~ said...

That is so cool that drawing is great I love how your mom writes stories & everything & the fact that she built that ship is ever cooler your mom rocks lol

Leone said...

This entry just gets cooler and cooler! First a pirate ship... then a Mertle sighting... then Mom and Daughter bonding... then taking turtles to school... then reading to students handmade pirate stories about turtles... woo!

Chris Salley said...

Sorry to do this but I've tagged you. You have to tell 7 random things about yourself and then tag 3 other people. :)

MollyBeees said...

OMGosh! You are so lucky to have such a neat Mom! The pirate ship is priceless. The drawing is amazing too. She must be a great teacher to have such caring students!

Brenda said...

I can't say anything that hasn't already been said. The pirate ship is wicked! Captain Knack must be the most feared pirate of the Turtle seas.

I miss you oh so much.

NSanders said...

Hi! I've been stalking your page for a few weeks and I now feel compelled to show myself!
I think Knit Knack is adorable!! And the fact that your mother writes stories for him is the coolest! It is really awesome that you and your mom have such a cool relationship.
I am looking forward to hearing more stories about Knit Knack!

Ruth said...


Is so hilarious. and inspiring.