Thursday, January 22, 2009

An Open Letter

Dear Richard Dean Anderson,

I was a mere handful of days shy of nine years old when
MacGyver first aired on September 29, 1985. I can still remember sitting in the old gym at Shreve Elementary School with Diana Sparr during an indoor recess (it must have been raining hard that day!), discussing the relative merits of the show, and how creative and inventive you were to be able to solve so many of the world's problems with items you might find in a desk drawer or pocketbook.

I have been a die-hard fan ever since. When Brenda and I moved into the house in Southgate in 2002, and she had all those seasons' worth of Stargate SG-1, my love for you was renewed as those DVDs were our go-to entertainment for many a knit-filled evening and weekend. Your leadership, strength and wit keep me watching the syndicated episodes on the Sci-Fi channel even to this day.

One of
my very first blog posts was a tribute to you, and how you might have used knitting needles and accoutrements to solve even more social and world issues during MacGyver, if only your producer had had the vision.

I have told many a friend and family member about my great admiration for you and your work, and how I have been convinced for a very long time (23 years? Has it really been that long?) that some day you would come for me and take me away with you to live happily ever after. Sure, I have had a few little crushes here and there, but they never distracted me from my certain future with you.

I have been patient. I know the long wait will be worth it. But I feel I need to tell you something before it is too late.

You might want to hurry. You have competition.

Brooke T. Higgins


Burn Notice
All new episodes start tonight, January 22, at 10pm (EST) on USA Network.

Thank you, USA Network...


bean said...

Well, I wasn't expecting that ending. Hahahahahhaha. We love Burn Notice too!

Julie said...

I hear ya with the MacGyver into Stargate thing. But perhaps, if you've waited too long, it may be time to upgrade to a newer "model."

Kimberly said...

Hmmm...I don't know. The new guy seems a little like a tool (and not the kind MacGyver would use to solve a mystery).

lyeago said...

This is the most entertaining post you've ever done and I think the waiting is over. Go for the upgarde!

lyeago said...

Perhaps spellcheck would be in order! I meant UPGRADE.

Brenda said...

YES! James thinks I love the show for the same reasons he does. (Though maybe he's just watching for Gabrielle Anwar.) I have to admit though, I'm torn between Jeffrey Donovan and Bruce Campbell. Come On! You know how I love Bruce Campbell.