Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Catching Up

I spent the first half of my weekend celebrating Anthony's birthday, and the second half (plus Monday) trying to sleep away some sinus issues.

Friday night we went to the
Hofbrauhaus in Newport, Kentucky, since Anthony had never been there before. We ate a ridiculous amount of food. We got the combo appetizer: sauerkraut balls, fried pickles, pretzels and potato pancakes. We got the Schmankerlplatte: platter for two featuring schweinsbraten, smoked pork chops and three wurst. Served with your choice of three side items: onion rings, schnitzel, and fried cabbage. Then to top it all off we got dessert: Schokoladen Torte (Mile High Chocolate Torte Cake). It might not have been mile high in size, but if you're looking for something unbelievably chocolatey, this is your dessert. Anthony has a low tolerance for extremely rich foods, so he was ready to run beside the car on the way home. It was pretty funny.

Saturday we had to run some errands, nothing too exciting, then we went to
Half Price Books and Chipotle for lunch. Anthony got a couple of books, a pair of homemade owl boxers, a Chipotle t-shirt, and a scarf for his birthday.

The pattern is the Alien Illusion Scarf from Stitch & Bitch. The pattern calls for Brown Sheep Naturespun, but the yarn store I bought the yarn from said I could just use the Lamb's Pride, it would turn out the same. Nice try. The Lamb's Pride only has enough yardage to make five of the pattern's six alien heads, and that would be without fringe. So I splurged (cuz he's worth it) and bought a second skein of each.

I first learned of this scarf on another blog: Words And Wool, and when I showed the picture to Anthony, he told me that if he didn't get that scarf, he'd die. Rather than test his theory (and since he bought me the book), I thought I'd appease him. He doesn't ask for much. Happy coupla-days-after-your Birthday, cutie.

Here's a gratuitous photo. Mostly because I like the word gratuitous, but also because I took a bunch of pictures last weekend after I finished the scarf, and this was my favorite.

Okay, so since I bought that extra skein of limeade Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted... and since I had some other colors of the same... and since
AmandaMonkey joined a fuzzy feet knit-a-long, I decided I should make some, too.

I finished the first one Sunday between passing out on the couch and taking sinus medicine. Some of you may recognize the pretty blue thanks-for-reading-a-poem-in-my-wedding yarn from Brenda. It goes pretty well with the Limeade, methinks. I'll have to take these to my parents' at Christmas to felt them along with my Knitty pumpkin. Speaking of, this fuzzy feet pattern comes from Knitty, too.

Lastly, a word to Knitsie:
I've been reading knitblogs for almost a year, and have been writing one for almost two months, and in that amount of time, I've never seen such a mean-spirited, snarky comment as yours. I was convinced that knitbloggers and knitblogreaders were a very supportive and helpful group, so thanks for proving that there are jerks out there, even in the knitblog community.

As for the Cherry Tree Hill sock, I frogged the thing IN FRONT OF my sock class last night, and they both said they appreciated knowing that even an experienced knitter makes mistakes. I have yet to meet someone who has been knitting for any length of time who hasn't made a mistake. She who is without dropped stitches or whacky gauge may cast the first stone, as they say.

Secondly, the owners of my yarn store are well aware that they don't carry every type of yarn imaginable. They understand perfectly that I (or any other customer) might want to purchase yarn elsewhere. They have never been misled to believe that they hold the monopoly on yarn. I have spent at least as much money at my yarn store as I have made there (sorry, Mom). My yarn store will not lose money because I desire to purchase yarn from another source.

Three cheers to Joy and Brenda for defending me in comment world. You'll be happy to know that as soon as I frogged the CTHP sock, I cast on for the second LLLC sock. Snap.


Brenda said...

Hofbrauhaus is excellent. Know who else loves Hofbrauhaus? All the makers of antacids.

The alien scarf looks great! How are the illusion turtles coming along? ;)

You know, if you stop making mistakes, you've stopped trying.

I'm VERY impressed that you cast on for the other toe-up sock! Mine has been sitting half-done for about three weeks.

Joy said...

I just can't believe you actually knitted a scarf. And you finished it! All in the same year!

So, which is easier? Toe-up or normal? Or would a better question be "Which is more fun?"

Holy crap. This word verification is impossible! Does anyone else have to stare at theirs for a full 60 seconds before they know which letters to type?

knitsie said...

My take on Knitpicks…yes they probably have beautiful yarn, and maybe the yarn is readily available and can ship to you in a day or two…but what happens when all your students and the LYS’s other customers start spending yarn dollars with KnitPicks? The small independent yarn vendors and yarn retailers are going to suffer in the end. That’s why I made the previous comment regarding your choice to promote KnitPicks. I don’t want my local yarn stores to close, so I will not buy from the Walmarts of the yarn world.

Regarding the comments regarding your ill fitting sock…..you are correct…everyone makes mistakes, especially in knitting…but to advertise your inability to catch the problem sooner in a forum open to your students, now that’s what I find hilarious. Your credibility as an instructor has to be based on something! How many students will want to sign up for your future classes if you only portray the mistakes? Maybe you could have explained how you made the mistake in the first place and how you would correct it, or how you would avoid this type of error in the future…even if it’s just: Note To Self: Try on sock before finishing cuff.

Snark Storm…..OMIGOD!!! Stitch N Bitch very clearly states that you will require 245 yards of a worsted weight wool in two colors to complete the alien scarf, 490 yards total. Which part of that did you not understand??????? Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride only has 190 yards, so with only two balls of Lamb’s Pride you were 110 yards short as soon as you casted on. Please don’t blame your LYS for your error. Take responsibility for your own knitting. The scarf you knitted is beautiful, it’s a shame you didn’t check your yardage before you left the yarn store…maybe your LYS has a beginning knitting class you can take from a qualified instructor who will be able to help you with yardage and gauge issues.

amandamonkey said...

Schmankerlplatte sounds yum! Or, maybe it's just that I like to try saying it.

The alien scarf is so fun - I wanted to make it when I first saw it and then... you know all the other projects sneak in. I go into the weekend with renewed interest in illusion knitting (maybe something smaller like a hat?).

Love the fuzzy feet color combo! I'm of the mind that that particular shade of green goes with, well, everything. I haven't taken mine off since I felted them.

Stay warm.

Meh, re: joy's comment, umm, I don't even know *what* the stupid word ver is this time.