Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Happiness Is...


(Due to the increasing quantity & quality of cranky-causing-ness lately, I've decided to go ahead with my happy list idea so as to battle back. Granted, it is a feeble attempt, but it is my attempt nonetheless.)

Things That Make Brooke Smile (tm)


2. Reading
my book at Chipotle, and finding a typo on page 290 that names the hitherto known character of Mrs. Higgler as Mrs. Higgins.

3. Halloween owl sippy cups on sale for 49 cents.

4. Receiving the first issue of a gift magazine subscription that your mom had told you about but you forgot about until you got the first issue.

5. Making silly jokes about pictures I took out the side window of my car as I was stopped at a stoplight on my way home from work. (Click the picture for a larger view.)

6. Opening #4 to find my most coveted knitting book AND a SpiderMan card!

7. Sleepy fuzzy kitty face.

8. Lastly, sending Happy-Birthday-I-Hope-You-Get-To-Come-Home-Today-If-You-Didn't-Get-To-Come-Home-Yesterday wishes to the best dad I've ever had. I love you.


Joy said...

Is your dad in the hospital? You really should let us know about these things!

What about knitting parties? You forgot to put knitting parties on your list!

brooke t. higgins said...

He broke his hip on Labor Day and he's been in a rehab place for almost two months.

I didn't mention knitting parties because I haven't had one this week. These were all happinesses from this week. Mostly from Monday night, actually.

Brenda said...

Spiderman rules! So do people who send such cool cards!

I'm glad your dad is home and feeling better.

I hope things starting getting better for you too!