Friday, November 18, 2005

Regularly Scheduled Programming

You know what's fun? Getting birthday presents a month and a half after your birthday. It stretches things out, you know? Like... makes the celebration that much longer. Well, last night I got this AWESOME birthday present from my friend Joy. She got me this book (which contains all 7 books in the Chronicles of Narnia in one volume) because I had told her the sad story of my previous Narnia collection.

See, a couple jobs ago, when I taught language arts in an inner city charter school, I would bring in books for the students, and make them read for a certain amount of time each day. (I won't talk about the scads of library books I would cart in, only to have them stolen so I had to pay the library for them.) I had gotten this great set of Narnia paperbacks from Scholastic (for the measly amount of $15.00!!!), and I took them in, and I had a student who wanted to read them. I'll admit, it wasn't the smartest idea in the world for me to let him take the whole set home to borrow. Especially when a week or so later he was expelled, and I never saw him again. I guess the good thing about it is that now this disadvantaged kid at least has a nice set of classic literature at his disposal.

Anyway, so I went over to Joy's last night for some Tuscan onion soup and salad, some good reading (Clifford and Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder and Dora the Explorer), and some hang-out-and-knit-and-watch-Survivor-and-Apprentice-with-Joy-and-Heather time. It was pretty sweet. I'm fortunate to have such a fun place to go when my apartment drives me crazy. Thanks, pweez, guys!

I'm still working on the washing machine cozy (or baby sweater, whichever you want to believe), and I'll post pictures when there has been good progress on it. I have a couple of deadlines rapidly approaching, and not every deadline is a knitting deadline. Tonight there's a holiday craft/card party at Kimmie's house, and I'm really excited. I'm not sure how much crafting I'll be able to do on my own projects, since I have at least three different people that I promised to help, but it should still be a good time.

Tomorrow I work at my yarn store again, and in the afternoon I'll be working in the store and taking a gansey class at the same time. It will be interesting to see how that works out. Updates, of course, on Monday. Until then, be safe, stay warm, and happy knitting.

Hope you're having a GREAT birthday, Morgan!


Brenda said...

Oooh! I saw that collection in a store a few weeks ago. I wanted to get it but I couldn't justify having two sets of the Narnia books.

I am truly, honestly, and totally jealous that you get to have knitting time with Joy.

Onion soup sounds pretty good too.

brooke t. higgins said...

I think that you should come visit so that you, too, can have knitting time with Joy. I don't mind sharing, as long as I still get to come. You may also get to read Clifford (etc.) books to Elli and Sam, but only if they went to the libary last night and got a billion new books. The onion soup was amazing. I just wish there'd been more bread.

skh said...

I'll make sure Mo knows about the birthday wishes. Seems she has a pretty unpleasant cold, so she's not doing a lot of internet/blog reading today. Building a baby doesn't allow the body much extra energy for fighting off sickness and such. Anyway, I'm sure she says "Thanks!"

P.C.: I enjoyed the rather cantankerous post yesterday!

brooke t. higgins said...

Hehe. It's fun being cantankerous. Thanks for noticing and appreciating.

Pass along some get-well wishes with those birthday wishes, eh?

bean said...

i had to drag myself out of bed when i heard i had birthday wishes published online for everyone to see! thanks! now i'm going to go crawl back into my bed. :) i can't wait to see you! i'm trying to get this kid out before you get here...

Joy said...

Any word on the birth of Calvin? Or is his name Caleb? I am getting all these babies confused!