Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Who It Is?!*

So Monday night I'm watching the Sci-Fi Monday night Stargate SG-1 marathon, when an episode I'd never seen before came on. The episode is "Avenger 2.0", where the "brilliant" Dr. Felger designs a virus to target certain stargates in order to disable them. The plan backfires when the virus spreads to the entire stargate system, rendering them all unusable and stranding several Stargate Command teams off world.

This Dr. Felger character had been in one other Stargate SG-1 episode that I had seen, where along with two other scientists, he helps to rescue SG-1 from the Jaffa that had captured them. So I recognized him from that other episode, but the more I watched the show, the more I felt I recognized him from somewhere else. I can typically make these kinds of connections, but I can't always figure out what the specific connection is.

This time, however, I was right on it. It didn't even take me until the end of the episode to figure out where I'd seen him before. (Actually, it was a lot of his movements and voice inflections that tipped me off.)

Dr. Felger is...

Harold Green from The Red Green Show!

Both characters are played by the actor Patrick McKenna. Sorry for revealing all this nerdiness, but I was very excited to make the connection, especially with how much I enjoy each of the two shows.

*The title of today's post relates not only to this ever-so-intriguing information about Patrick McKenna, but it also relates to the Mr. Robinson sketch by Eddie Murphy on SNL, where he answers the door by yelling, "WHO IT IS???" Heh.


I have actually finished a couple of things this week, but they cannot be revealed in their ultimate fullness until next week. So here are a couple of teaser pictures, and you can make up your own mind based on what you see.

Other than that, I've been trying to figure out what to pack for the Thanksgiving trip. Clearly the knitting projects take first precedence. I've narrowed it down to two for-sure projects (the CTHJ socks and the LLLC socks) and two probably projects (the mini-gansey and the other front to A's sweater). I've even printed out the TSA list of acceptable items and highlighted "knitting needles" in case anyone tries to stop me. Here's the full itinerary if you don't already know it (that means you can stop reading, Kimmy... ;)

Thursday morning Anthony and I are driving up to my parents' house where we'll have Thanksgiving dinner with Mom, Dad, Aunt Karyl Lyn, Uncle Larry, Aunt Nancy, Aunt Marilyn, Uncle Karl, Karla, her boyfriend, and Kevin. Around 4pm, Mom, Anthony and I will drive down to Columbus to stay the night near the airport. Our plane leaves Columbus at not quite 6am, and we arrive in Seattle at 10:46am PST. We'll be there through Monday night, and we'll take the red-eye, have a four hour layover in Texas, and be back in Ohio on Tuesday at 12:25pm.

No word on the nephew yet. As my brother said, it's still "anytime now".

I'll post more next week. Until then, happy knitting, and have a great Thanksgiving.

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