Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Oh, The Shame!

In order to thank you for your patience between posts, I present to you a game. It's just like in the Sunday funny papers. All you have to do is spot the differences between the following two pictures:

Did you find all of the differences?

A funny thing happens when you don't keep a close eye on your yarn... it starts forming support groups. That group in the top picture has started meeting every other Tuesday morning for coffee in the smaller white wicker basket for SWP, "Socks Without Partners". They get all hush hush whenever I come near. I can only imagine what they are saying.

Occasionally they share their leftover donuts.

The Yarn Harlot has the audacity to joke about such a thing. SSS, or Second Sock Syndrome, happens often. The first sock is finished, and the pattern has lost the allure to the knitter, and therefore the second sock is put off indefinitely. At least I've started the mate for each pair, but I still think something that causes single socks to start support groups should be taken more seriously.

Then there's this group:

Bonus points if you can tell me why I can never find any sock needles when I need them.

(Are you kidding me? Why in this world would I need sock needles? Do I not have enough socks to keep me entertained? What is my problem?)

This is not the way a sock instructor and sock club president should act. Where is the love for the socks? You'd think I could finish a pair now and then. Those red, white and blue socks were started LAST YEAR, for pete's sake. It's not like the second one is ridiculously far from being finished. And that teal, green and white pair don't need that much help, either.

Sock knitters, stay away from me. I hope this isn't contagious, but I want you to stay safe.


trek said...

Ooh, thanks for the warning. I will quietly slink back to my own blog now.

Oh, and for the next Tuesday meeting, the SWP support group has placed a rather large order with Au Bon Pain for snacks. They said that the Dunkin' Donuts just aren't cutting it any longer and that we should send the bill to you.

Leone said...

this is the most best blog entry on socks ever! I am saving those two photos, they are hilarious! Just think though, if you are ever feeling un-productive like, you can just sit down for a few hours and finish three pairs of socks like that! Ooohhhhh....

Dave said...

I could do photos exactly the same -- leftovers and loners. There should be a support group for parents of lonely socks.

Joy said...

It's contagious -- my second pair of socks isn't even a pair yet. Poor Jaywalker sock.