Wednesday, August 23, 2006

You Must Be Kidding

Seriously. All that fuss yesterday and still I forgot a pair. Well, a SWP anyway. The most important SWP according to at least one person. Sorry about that.


I just finished applying to my dream job. I put it off for about a week (but the position is still open, don't worry). I'm not telling anyone what job it is, but it's my dream job. All my needles are crossed.

Also in job news, the temp agency called today (two days after I re-registered, why did I wait so long?) and might have something for me. This is Very Good News(TM).


I've been tagged. You know those emails that get passed around asking how many kitties you have and what's your favorite flavor of ice cream and how many pair of novelty socks you have in your sock drawer? I don't typically answer them. However, Joy publicly tagged me... the least I can do is respond, right? So here goes:

5 Things in my Freezer
1. half a loaf of mom's homemade bread
2. one Totino's cardboard pizza: combination style
3. innovative, Spanish-speaking popsicles
4. two packages of frozen chicken breasts
5. cat hair

5 Things in my Closet
1. skeletons!
2. suitcases
3. wrapping paper and gift boxes
4. Chuck Taylors
5. cat hair

5 Things in my Car
1. it's not a car, it's a truck
2. music CDs in a Victoria's Secret bag
3. old library books on tape
4. a little rubber dinosaur from Wendy
5. cat hair

5 Things in my Purse
1. a keychain monkey
2. a new tube of Burt's Bees lip gloss
3. a Graeter's gift card
4. my digital camera
5. cat hair

5 Things in my Diaper Bag
1. it's a nappy bag, not a diaper bag
2. i actually have two of them, but no kids
3. i made both of them myself
4. both nappy bags are folded inside a third bag
5. cat hair

I'm gonna continue the tag, but if you don't wanna, you don't hafta.
It's all you:
Morgan, Kimmie, Trek, and Leone


Leone said...

Diaper bag... can I change that to school bag? And are those the potamus-doohickey socks? Ooohhhhh.... I'm thinking of trying the new lace ones that Cookie put in the summer knitty. I can't believe the new knitty is almost out yet! Okay, I will honour the tagging but for now I've got to run and the nicest yarn lady ever Darlene is going to show me how to felt at her store!

ljmax said...

I found your blog via an Amy Butler nappy bag search. I'm working on one right now and have an amatuerish question for you...are the seam allowances included in the pattern? I already started cutting and then began to worry about it.

ljmax said...

Thanks so much for your quick reply...I want to get working on it!