Monday, August 7, 2006

Long Overdue

A while back, I had a contest to see who wanted to win some Trekking sock yarn. I posted about the grand prize winner, and about two of the runner up winners. I put off posting about the other two runner up winners for a number of reasons, but it's finally that time.

The first entry I actually received came from my friend
Joy, and it was a very tempting entry, indeed. Here it is in its entirety:

Scott is monotone
Trekking socks make perfect bribe
Joy can go to show

Joy is referring to her husband Scott, who would likely have enjoyed a pair of shades of gray socks, which may also have made it easier to convince him that Joy could come to the
Woolgathering with me in September.

Joy's prize turns out to be two balls of Cascade Fixation, which are this lovely khaki color, which also might make good socks for Scott, which also might help convince him that Joy should come to the Woolgathering with me in September.

The final entry that I need to mention was submitted by another good friend,
Brenda. Brenda's entry was quite involved, and I'd like to share it with you here. (Brenda also mentioned that she feared embarrassment if I posted her entry here, but I think she'll get over it. She's like that. Hehe.)

The Things We Do For Socks

A Short Rhyming Story by Brenda B.

Pictures by James B.

While browsing her patterns one hot summer day
Brenda found a sock pattern, made just the right way

From warm woolen yarn with ingenious shaping
They seemed perfect for cold nights she soon would be facing.

She had the right needles and stitch marks and things
If she could just find the right yarn, then she would be king

She dug through her stash, through skein after skein
But none were quite right, all were too plain

A search through the phone book showed no shops around
Only Kimea’s Quilts and Fabrics Abound

A web search suggested a four hour drive
And that news nearly brought tears to her eyes

“What shall I do?” she wondered, alarmed
When she spied a blog contest for trekking sock yarn

So she sat down and worked night after night
Writing down reasons she hoped were just right

For with that yarn she’d knit well past her knees
And know that in winter she wouldn’t feel a breeze.


Heartwarming and beautiful, no? For her amazing efforts, Brenda received a very soft pink wool blend (from my TNNA trip) and some crazy red fancy yarn (also from TNNA).

She also got this baby bolero from the One Skein book, made with 100% organic cotton. Before anybody complains that she got extra prizes, please remember that she is pregnant during a ridiculously hot summer and needs extra prizes to keep her from being cranky. I'm not sure if it's working.


Lastly, and because it's been a while, a gratuitous cutie kitty picture. (At least she's not trying to steal my Fritos anymore!)


Joy said...


(now if only it would cool off enough to make knitting with wool thinkable again.)

Brenda's entry is laugh-out-loud-funny. Thanks for sharing it.

Leone said...

Brenda! That's amazing! I am in awe! And a kittie photo?! This is one of the best blog entries of the year!

Brenda said...

Well, it was bound to come out eventually. I'm not above taking embarassing photos of myself in order to win yarn.

brooke t. higgins said...

Joy! The sock yarn you won is actually 97% cotton and 3% elastic! So cool to knit with in the summer. :)

Thanks for the sweet comment, Leone... Brenda is a creative little monkey, no?

And Brenda... embarrassing photos? No way. Totally adorable and meaningful photos. I applaud you again.