Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Pair of Socks

Look! I finished a pair of socks!

Don't worry. Chaka's not buying it either.

I do love this sock. I can't wait to start the second one. (I say that now, when I have a deadline for the V-day socks and shouldn't be messing with stuff for myself. Hrmph.) The really cool thing about this sock is that my good friend Wendy kool-aid dyed the yarn, and my other good friend Lisa provided the pattern. And some of my other good friends have provided supervision while I've knitted it! What a combination.

I am endlessly amused by the tiny balls of yarn I have remaining after finishing a sock. (Hey
Leone... I meant to tell you... I am constantly TERRIFIED of running out of yarn, which is one of the reasons why these tiny balls are such a source of amusement. I have these great big giganto feet and I am constantly convinced that I will run out of yarn. Shockingly, I came closer to running out of yarn for my sister-in-law's Pomatomus socks than I ever have knitting socks for myself!)

I have convinced myself that some day I will find an incredibly clever use for all of these sock leftovers, and it will be a super-special, incredibly clever something, since each of the sock leftovers reminds me of the socks I knit and the recipients for whom I knit them.

Ahhhh.... socks.


Leone said...

I loveth the socks! Now I want kool-aid! I knit random shapes and squares out of all my left over yarn and then one day (years upon years upon years from now) I'm going to shapes them into a painting blanket.

Joy said...

My friend Heather was unable to post her suggestion, so she called me and asked me to write her suggestion.

She says to use all that leftover yarn from Maggie's sweaters and mittens to knit her a patchwork purse. Too cute!

I think it's a great idea too!

~Tonia~ said...

Oooo love the blue and green combo. I am such a blue, green, yellow fan.

RobinLee said...

shows a great idea, mitered squares connected into a blanket/afghan.