Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Remember That? That Was Awesome.

First of all, Saturday was Brenda's birthday. Go wish her a happy birthday (and time to post on her blog). Everyone loves Brenda.

Do you remember that one time, over a year ago, when I blogged about this totally awesome sock, and I was knitting it, and it was beautiful, and it was a Jaywalker, and I was making it out of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn? Remember that? That was awesome.

Do you remember that one time, when I was knitting that sock, and I turned the heel, and I tried it on, only I didn't really try it on, because it didn't fit, and I had to rip it out, and then I started over a couple of times, but still couldn't get it, so I made the sock yarn sit in time out? Remember that? That was... not... awesome.

Do you remember that one time, when I was thinking about that sock, and then about that sock yarn, and then I was looking for the sock yarn, and I looked through all my sock yarn, and I looked through all my other yarn, and I even tried to organize my stash, and I still couldn't find that sock yarn? Remember that? Do you?

I can't find the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn! Maybe you can help. Did I give it to you? Did I give it to someone you know? Did I give it to someone you don't know? Did it run away from home? I tried asking the stash if they knew anything about it, but no one would talk. They were all muttering things about "cramped quarters" and "neglect" and other phrases I'd rather not repeat here. Anyway, maybe you know what happened to this yarn. If you do, will you tell me?


Brenda said...

I should have said something earlier. Last time I visited you I heard Cherry Hill talking to the other yarn about going to New York to become a model. I thought it was just talk. I never thought she'd really do it. I'm so sorry.

Joy said...

I thought that you got so mad at the yarn that you gave it over to the cats for torture until it decided to cooperate. apparently it never caved.