Friday, August 31, 2007

Wrappin' Up August

So it's the end of August and it's time to do a little catch-up.

Check out my new button; I'm a FO HO!

KelinCal made this awesome button, and after all the finished objects (FOs) I've been cranking out recently, I nabbed it straightaway! Of course, now she's talking about WIPs (works in progress), and I'm not sure I'm ready to go there.

Speaking of FOs, let's look at August's projects.

1. Knit Knack's back to school shell.

2. Maggie's birthday sweater.

3. Reversible Lace Ladders Scarf. Er, not check? In fact, after some advice from my knitting hero Lisa, this project has been scrapped. I was going to be teaching this pattern as an easy lace scarf class this fall, but after I started it and ripped it at least five times, Lisa volunteered to figure it out and knit it for me. (Three cheers for Lisa!) After working on it for a couple of hours, Lisa agreed with me that this is NOT an easy lace pattern, and therefore it would not be a good idea to present this pattern to brand new beginner lace knitters. The scarf I'll be teaching instead is the
Montego Bay scarf from Interweave Knits Summer 2007. Miracle of miracles, Lisa has already knitted this scarf and has promised we can use hers as a sample in the store. (Three more cheers for Lisa!!!)

4. August socks.

The August socks mark the halfway point of the sock challenge. Who knew actually finishing PAIRS of socks could be so enjoyable? Avoiding buying more sock yarn is definitely the tougher part of the challenge. I'm so afraid I'm going to inadvertently buy some at some point without even thinking about it. It was nice to benefit a little with the gift of Fleece Artist sock yarn from Wendy and Lisa. (Hey,
Tonia, they did get it from Ball and Skein! Good call!)

I definitely have a few sock yarns in mind to pick up as soon as the ban is lifted (
Panda Cotton 0432, Tofutsies 784, Extravayarnza MSU, and some solid Louet Gems for a kickin' Cookie A pattern). Six months is a long time to think about what kind of sock yarn you need when the six months is over. For sure, for sure.

The good news is that I'm certainly not tired of knitting socks! In fact, I keep digging through my bin of sock yarn and flipping through my sock patterns to find something new to cast on! November's still an open book, people!

So let's take a look at the list of up-comers for September.
1. Baby sweater. (sort of started?)
2. Birthday turtle (for someone other than my mom.) (well on the way)
3. 'Nother baby sweater. (still deciding)
4. September Socks (arrrrr, matey!) (one sock more than halfway done)

Looks like I have my work cut out for me. I have to keep resisting the urge to cast on something completely spontaneous. Must.... resist.... stash....

OH! I do have one more button, bestowed upon me by knitting guru

She thinks I'm a rockin' girl blogger! How very kind. I think I'm supposed to nominate more people, so here goes:

KelinCal, fo sho, fo she is a FO HO! And I love your blog. And Ricky! He's wicked cute.

The Boiled Peanut because Chris is a rockin' girl AND a blogger. Put them together and this is the button for her.

The Spotted Elephant is SO rockin', she almost rocks my socks off. How can you go to Disneyland and not be rockin'? Kimmie does NOT have to worry about that.

Kankucho Knits doesn't get updated very often, but that doesn't mean that Brendito Bandito doesn't ROCK! (Besides, anyone who has currently misplaced their appendix needs some blog-button love, no?)

Joy of
Joy in the Journey has four kids, tons of challenges, and keeps rockin' her blog AND knitting. I don't know how she does it, but she definitely deserves more awards than just this one. This is the least I can do, Joyer!

Spread the love, everyone.

(I can't believe what a hippy post this is.)


~Tonia~ said...

Where do you find the time??

bean said...

okay, so i see how it is. one post every few months doesn't get me a rockin' girl blogger button? i'm appalled.

Brenda said...

Thank you Brooke. You are very generous. I'm not sure I can put the button on my blog though. Unless I start posting "oops. I meant to post today."

I am so impressed with all the FOs! I suspect that you may be cheating. I can't prove it though.

KelInCal said...

Awww, thanks Brooke!

That's a big list for one month! You are such a FO HO.

Joy said...

Thank you Brooke! I'm so impressed with all the finishing. I'm just trying to finish a pair of newborn-sized socks! One down... one not even cast on yet. You wouldn't think you'd get second-sock syndrome on a newborn sock!!!

Leone said...

You are such a fo ho. Me, on the otherhand? Started two new projects recently and haven't finished anything since... since..... I guess I'm a UFO Queen.