Tuesday, August 7, 2007

You Know How It Is

You have a lot of knitting to do.

You've given yourself an insane amount of projects to complete over the next four months, but you're feeling pretty good about it.

You've made a calendar to define the deadlines for each of the projects, and fortunately, they work out to four projects per month for the next four months.

You're amazingly right on track with your niece's fifth birthday sweater. (That's a lot of birthday sweaters.)

You're less than a week into the month and your first August sock is finished. It fits you, and you're very excited to be this close to having another pair of socks for your very own.

You may be somewhat concerned about the lace scarf sample that has to be completed for the store and the fact that you may only have two rows of said scarf completed at the current time, but you will be so comforted by the amazing progress on all the other August projects that your concern about the lace scarf will be diminished significantly until you're closer to the actual deadline date for said scarf.

If someone asked, you'd tell them you were Right On Track.

Then it happens.

You're innocently browsing knitting blogs as you've been known to do, clicking various blogroll links, trying to find knitting blogs you've not read before, checking out the projects-in-progress of your fellow knit bloggers, and you see it.

The pattern you must knit.

The project you must make now.

So you do.

What other projects?


MollyBeees said...

Ummm...Brooke...what exactly is this new must knit pattern? I know it's late but I've even tilted my head in both direction to view it and I got nothin'. The stipeiness is good but I'm not getting the funtion. :-)

bean said...

yes, i agree with mollybeees - what the heck are those? tiny knitted water pots? little upside down hats on strings? small boots for smurfs with no feet, just legs? ok, i'm out...

~Tonia~ said...

I agree with the others. What are those things? The colors are really pretty.

KelInCal said...

Me four! What are those??

And I totally know what you mean. We'll just say that I really didn't buy new yarn today at Michael's for an end of the month deadline, and I'm totally not starting it until I'm done with my sock and sweater. Totally. Really.

(But aren't you so organized with your calendar and all. I'm impressed!)

K said...

I bet I know what they are! I will write down my guess on a sheet of paper, stick it in an envelope, and seal it up. When you reveal the true answer I'll let you open the envelope and if it is correct, I get to keep the project! Do we have a deal?

Kimmie said...

K is me - I accidentally hit enter before I was done typing!

brooke t. higgins said...

No deal! No deal, Kimmie! You're a cheater!

Good guesses, Bean, but you're way off.

You guys... that picture isn't everything in the pattern. There's more. You'll see VERY soon.

Leone said...

Well, Spike is so perturbed about not knowing about the new pattern that he just skidded out in the kitchen after randomly attacking my foot. I feel very much the same way. The yarn looks like Ella Rae... the colours remind me of some bag patterns... however the three individual swatches made me think of adornments for children's sweaters... ack!

Joy said...

They remind me of Christmas ornaments. Or a mobile. Or are they some sort of strange new Knit-Knack accessory?